FeedConstruct resumes collaborations with the Badminton International Infinity Cup

FeedConstruct announced it is resuming its collaboration with the Badminton International Infinity Cup. Under the new deal the company will hold exclusive rights to betting data and video streaming of the tournament. 

“What’s more, we are excited to offer partners worldwide an even wider range of fresh and advanced competitions, showcasing the very best of the badminton world,” FeedConstruct wrote.

The tournament commenced on March 1 and promises to showcase top-level badminton matches, with 15-18 matches scheduled daily and a monthly total of 400-450 matches. 

It features one court, with matchdays scheduled from Monday to Saturday, starting at 05:00 AM CET and concluding at 05:00 PM CET.

The tournament will comprise the International Infinity Cup – Group A and B, International Infinity Cup – Doubles, International Infinity Cup – Mixed and International Infinity Cup – Women.

“At FeedConstruct, we are committed to delivering the finest sports entertainment to our partners worldwide,” the company stated.

“The Badminton International Infinity Cup tournament is an exciting addition to our portfolio of sports events, and we are proud to offer our partners exclusive access to its betting data and video streaming. As the tournament progresses, we will continue to provide highlights from the matches. Stay tuned for further updates on the tournament,” FeedConstruct concluded. 

Last month, the brand launched two brand-new sports varieties: Compound Archery and Pistol H2H Shooting.

Compound Archery uses a pulley and cable lever system to create a more efficient bow, resulting in faster and more accurate shots. This sport was first incorporated into the World Archery Championship programme in the late 20th century and has since “captured the attention of archers around the world”

Pistol H2H Shooting uses a single-loaded pistol in 4.5-millimetre calibre. The air pistol events were first introduced on the World Championship level in 1970 and on the Olympic programme in 1988.