SOFTSWISS donates $1.8M+ in charitable campaigns in 2022

iGaming solutions supplier SOFTSWISS has shared the amount it donates to help victims of devastating events happening around the globe. Last year alone, the company allocated more than €1,700,000 ($1,865,690) for this purpose. “The company will continue to extend a helping hand to those who need it,” it said on a press statement.

Yulia Oncheva, Chief HR Officer at SOFTSWISS, said: “Here at SOFTSWISS, charity plays a substantial role. The company’s founders are not very keen to discuss it in public, as they believe that the desire to help others is something common to all people.”

“However, when we learn about the assistance the company provides to those struggling through the most difficult times in their lives, we feel very proud and strongly connected with the company and its values,” the executive added.

Ivan Montik

For his part, Ivan Montik, Founder of SOFTSWISS, commented: “Through our various initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on society and continue to prioritize social responsibility as an integral part of our business practices.”

In a press release, the company said that “social responsibility is a crucial aspect of the SOFTSWISS values.” In 2022, the major part of annual donations was directed to the Ukrainian people. In line with its social responsibility strategy, SOFTSWISS also joined the Truth Fund and made significant contributions to several charities from its marketing budget.

The most recent charitable initiatives included support for Turkey, which was hit by powerful earthquakes this March and lost more than 50,000 people. About a million of the country’s residents were left homeless, lost their personal belongings, and could barely secure access to essential supplies.

Supporting the Turkish people in overcoming the consequences of the earthquake, SOFTSWISS donated $25,000 to procure container houses for those who lost their homes because of the rampant disaster. Furthermore, families raising children with disabilities and those who lost their relatives received financial support to buy food and clean drinking water.