Greentube USA launches new iLottery game Drop The Balls with the DC Lottery

Greentube USA, a subsidiary of Novomatic’s digital gaming division Greentube, has announced the launch of its new iLottery game Drop The Balls. The product is described by the company as a cross between pinball, pachinko and bagatelle, and has been specifically designed “to appeal to a wider audience.”

According to Greentube, with a growing demand for innovative games, lotteries have been seeking “unique and engaging ways” to reach out to new audiences. With its new product, Greentube USA seeks to respond to this demand by creating an offering that combines the elements of three popular games, resulting in a “one-of-a-kind gaming experience.”

“The magic at the heart of this game is a physics simulation that makes all the action in the game look and feel realistic”, said Ben Sutherland, CEO of Greentube USA. “Drop The Balls is a game that lottery players of all ages will enjoy, and we are excited to be launching it with the Washington DC Lottery.”

Working closely with partner EQL’s RGS aggregation platform, Greentube USA anticipates this to be the first of many game releases across the USA and additionally in LatAm and European territories.   

The Washington DC Lottery will be the first state lottery to offer the game to its players. Greentube USA said it anticipates the product to be “an instant hit, thanks to its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and realistic physics simulation.”

In the game, players will have the opportunity to drop balls onto a playfield filled with obstacles and multiplier catchers, adding value to the balls as they drop. With a variety of different targets and bonus features, every game will offer “a unique and exciting experience.” Catching a bonus ball awards free balls in a bonus round to even win higher prizes. 

The launch of Drop The Balls marks another exciting milestone for Greentube USA, and the company is confident that the game will be a huge success with lotteries and players alike,” the business said in a statement.