AZBillions launches its Alphabet Lottery app, promises unprecedented gaming experience

AZBillions, the first company to launch an Alphabet Lottery system, has announced the release of its app today, aimed at innovating and changing the online gaming experience. AZBillions says that the latest app is not only revolutionizing the traditional lottery world but is also tapping into the future of eSports and social gaming while standing at the crossroads of digital lottery access using a MIRACL-backed system.

Craig Austin, CEO at Xite Holdings, said: “Traditional lotteries use numbers, but our app uses an alphabet-based system – a totally new concept in digital lottery gaming. And we also offer players their choice of payment currencies – fiat and crypto – giving them unparalleled freedom of choice as they play for the largest jackpots across the globe.”

AZBillions notes that partnering with MIRACL will guarantee a smooth and friction-free login experience to enhance player enjoyment. It further says that the concept of using letters instead of numbers creates an engaging and unique experience for players worldwide with seamless gameplay and a high login success rate of 99.9%. AZBillions touted MIRACL as the fastest single-step, no password needed, multi-factor authentication system. 

“Most digital gaming systems offer a synthetic model where the player bets on the outcome of each particular draw,” said Craig Austin. “And these systems, while also being clunky, really don’t benefit the lotteries themselves. But our courier service gets the ticket fees back to the lotteries – ultimately supporting the charities and state/governmental funded projects that they were intended to help in the first place.”

Users should follow the given steps to get started with AZBillions

  • Sign up for an account.
  • Get a confirmation email.
  • Submit KYC documents and get verified by official verification partners.
  • Fund the account using popular cryptocurrencies and other payment methods.
  • Receive bonuses and play games across the globe.
  • Real tickets are purchased, automatically and securely sent to a verified email address.
  • Receive winning notifications via email once the lottery draw happens, with prizes up to $2,000 automatically credited to your AZBillions account.
  • Big winners are contacted for confirmation and other payment options.
  • Jackpot winners are presented with an in-person check.


AZBillions says that it plans to integrate AI and Esports M8splay, by forging strong partnerships with industry giants like SCCG, Miracl, UNITH AI, and Gammastack. The integration promises cash-rewarded championships in a rapidly expanding online gaming market. Emphasizing their guiding mission, the AZBillions says that it works collaboratively with charities to revolutionize lottery and gaming products with a best-practice approach.

In an era where convenience is king, we’re redefining ease and accessibility,” said Craig Austin. “Join us to experience the thrill of huge lottery jackpots, with gaming rewards like never before. All powered by the freedom to choose your preferred mode of payment and the security of MIRACL encryption. Winning big has never been easier, more authentic, or more exciting.”