“SBC Summit Latin America is an ideal meeting point that can generate momentum for Land Vegas”

Although the  SBC Summit Latinoamérica, which will take place from October 31 to November 2 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Miami, is two months away, the most outstanding companies in the industry have already confirmed their presence at the “main online gaming and sports betting event in Latin America”.

One of them is Land Vegas, an entertainment platform in the metaverse that has been growing steadily in the last year, forging alliances and collaborations throughout the region, which will not only exhibit its technology but will also participate as a Premium Sponsor.

Prior to this presentation, Yogonet spoke with the CEO and founder of Land Vegas, David Fica Jaque, who anticipated their expectations for the Miami event. The executive said that this fair represents a “crucial moment” for the company and “an ideal meeting point” due to its global reach and that they expect a high level of networking with “growing business relationships”. 

He also assured that their participation in SBC Latam will allow them to accelerate their expansion plans not only in Latin America but also in the United States, where they anticipate a “better adaptation process” to their product.

What will Land Vegas’ participation in SBC Summit Latin America be like? What will attendees who come to the company’s booth find?

First of all, I would like to say that we are very excited to be part of SBC Summit Latin America, an event that is key to the growth of our market at a regional level.

We would like to invite those who will be able to attend, to stop by our booth at the event to discover our proposal for the future of gaming through our metaverse, which can be experienced through virtual reality. They will be able to see and feel, first hand, how we are shaping the landscape with unique experiences developed by our team of experts.

Do you plan to present any products or solutions at this event?

We are currently working on some improvements related to that “first encounter” with the user. Through the events we have visited, many attendees have been surprised by the use of VR technology and we want to offer an even more personal and intuitive experience from the first moment they interact with the virtual reality glasses and controllers.

At the same time, we plan to show a preview of our ability to experience our metaverse through various content from our partners that we have integrated into the platform.

Why is this summit important for the company and what opportunities could it open up for you?

Attending SBC Summit Latin America is a pivotal moment for Land Vegas. This summit offers us a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, showcase our innovations, and foster new partnerships.

David Fica Jaque, with Kevin Corenstein (COO of Land Vegas)

The global reach of the event gives us the ability to demonstrate our vision to a diverse audience, explore strategic collaborations, and, most importantly, receive feedback from users experiencing the Land Vegas gaming metaverse. The feedback we receive at each event allows us to move towards our goals as a new business vertical for the industry.

What networking expectations do you have for SBC Latam considering the number of professionals from around the world expected to attend and the location which is an ideal “convergence point” for Europe, North America, and South America?

We have very high expectations. This will undoubtedly be one of the events where we will not rest. With professionals from all over the world converging at this summit, we anticipate that our relationships will grow, and in turn, we will continue to strengthen our presence with those partners who have placed their trust in our project. Miami is an ideal meeting point in many aspects and we are aware of the momentum it can generate for Land Vegas.

How will this participation in SBC impact the company’s expansion plans not only in Latam but also in the United States?

From our conversations with Stephen Crystal of SCCG Management, and after signing a strategic agreement with them, our focus has been entirely on the North American market, because an innovative project such as ours will have a better adaptation process in a country that enjoys very good health in terms of market and number of players.

Land Vegas’ participation in SBC not only strengthens our presence in Latin America but also accelerates our expansion plans from our future commercial headquarters in Las Vegas. Interacting with a diverse audience of key industry players helps position us for growth in both regions.

This is a crucial step on our path towards consolidation as an innovative metaverse gaming platform. We are in a phase where we value every comment and observation – through this and other events where we will be present, such as Las Vegas and Lisbon – as we are defining the final details of our strategy for next year. Every perspective we receive at this event is invaluable in ensuring that we are creating an experience that will revolutionize the way people experience entertainment and casino gaming in the future.

Which of the topics discussed at the conferences do you think will be the most important and have the greatest impact?

Personally, I am very interested in everything related to the Brazilian market, considering the regulation process they are going through.

On the other hand, I consider myself a fan of everything related to entertainment adjacent to the game itself, something that we have implemented in Land Vegas as a main focus of experience in order to offer something more than just a casino experience. These themes align with our vision and provide valuable insights to shape the direction of our gaming metaverse.