FTN Network acquires DFSForecast, further boosting daily fantasy sports offerings

Sports data company FTN Network has acquired DFSForecast, known for its daily fantasy sports (DFS) lineup builders and advanced data tools.

Subscribers on FTNDaily.com will now be able to take advantage of DFSForecast’s lineup optimizer to create daily fantasy lineups in a simple and easy-to-use tool powered by FTN Data, the company said in a statement. Generated lineups can then be uploaded to one’s preferred fantasy operator, simplifying mass roster inputting.

The Fantasy Footballers and One Week Season will be the first partners to use this newly acquired tool that is now part of the suite of products offered to FTN Data customers. Offered at a competitive price point compared to its competitors, FTN will look to expand its network of partners by offering this tool to those that have previously been hindered by the cost, the company said.

The 2023 football season is still very young, but FTN has seen an explosion of growth. We were really impressed with the work Caleb Nelson, Sam Vitello, Adam Lewis, and the entire DFSForecast team were doing,” said FTN Network CEO Kevin Adams.

“The acquisition and incorporation of DFSForecast into our umbrella of tools offered to our customers is just another step in the journey of cementing FTN Network as the one-stop-shop for anyone when it comes to fantasy enthusiast or bettor.

“From our first meeting on, we saw FTN as a natural partner and are thrilled it’s now official. We share the same data-driven approach to fantasy sports and betting. We can’t wait to see how our tools add to FTN’s already incredible ecosystem,” said DFSForecast Co-Founder and CEO Caleb Nelson.

The acquisition follows a string of growth activity from the company in the recent past. Last month, FTN Network signed football data analyst and DVOA (Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average) creator Aaron Schatz to a multi-year contract and named him Chief Analytics Officer. And in July, the company launched its new SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio show, called “The FTN Fantasy Show.”