CEC Live announces panel discussion on casino cybersecurity at upcoming November edition

The organizers of the CEC Live Conference have announced a panel discussion on cybersecurity will be part of the upcoming edition of the gaming and esports event. CEC Live will be coming to New Jersey on November 6-7 at Resorts Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, where experts will discuss what casinos can do to protect themselves from cyber threats at a time in which this issue is gaining momentum.

“There’s a new game in town with far-reaching consequences in the high-stakes world of casinos, where fortunes are won and lost,” reads a statement from CEC Live. “Cybersecurity has become the battleground, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. As hackers continue to plague the casino industry, it’s time to fight back and fortify your digital fortress.”

The panel discussion at the upcoming conference promises to equip gaming stakeholders with “the knowledge and tools to protect your casino operations.” The talk follows the theme: “Cybersecurity is vital as we expand gambling. What are some of the pitfalls and mistakes made in adopting cybersecurity? How can blockchain assist? How can AI assist?”

Experts will delve into the critical aspects of casino cybersecurity, offering practical solutions “to counter the threats that loom large.” The talk will help gambling stakeholders identify pitfalls and avoid common mistakes, gain insights into real-world cases of cybersecurity failures, learn from the mistakes of others, and better protect their assets and reputation.

Another key topic of the session will be the blockchain and how it can provide “an unassailable layer of security.” Cases and real examples of blockchain in casino security will be explored during the talk, and attendees will learn how to implement blockchain solutions to protect their casinos from cyber threats.

The use of AI for protection will also be highlighted, with attendees set “to uncover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).” The talk will teach them how AI can detect and thwart threats in real-time and practical applications of AI to enhance a casino’s cybersecurity strategy.

Lastly, CEC Live notes the event’s potential to provide visitors with opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals in the casino industry, discuss and share insights on cyber defense, and expand their networks with valuable partnerships.

“Don’t gamble with your casino’s security. It’s time to stack the odds in your favor and protect your establishment from cyber threats,” said the event’s organizers. “Our panel of experts is ready to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to stay ahead of the game.”

At CEC Live, we’re committed to helping you defend your casino against the relentless hackers who seek to undermine your success. Join us for this crucial discussion, and let’s raise the bar for cybersecurity in the casino industry together.”