Quixant partners with FABICash to power ticket redemption solution FABIKiosk

Gaming and sports betting solutions provider Quixant has announced a new partnership with cash access and cashless solutions provider FABICash to deliver the FABIKiosk, defined by the companies as FABICash’s “new game-changing all-in-one ticket redemption kiosk.”

The partnership is set to enable FABICash to bring a market-leading cash access and cashless solution to the industry faster, “with the confidence that the solution is powerful and reliable, enabling FABI to focus on expanding further within the industry with its state-of-the-art kiosk,” as per a joint announcement.

Powered by Quixant’s IQON Air 1 platform, the FABIKiosk redeems tickets and pays out on jackpots, breaks bills, and performs ATM and eCheck transactions. With a stand-out 49-inch display, the solution facilitates transactions; and the cashless feature moves money into the FABIWallet, reducing the amount of cash that is needed in the kiosk.

Anthony F. Rabito, Jr., President of FABICash, commented on the partnership: “Our goal has always been to provide the most reliable cash access platform in the gaming industry and to put more money back on the gaming floor. Partnering with Quixant has been excellent, as we are equally focused on providing market-leading solutions to the gaming industry, and both pride ourselves on the level of service we offer customers.”

According to Rabito, the relationship with Quixant allows the company “to focus on what we do best ─ bring innovative and game-changing cash access and cashless solutions to the industry.” Quixant has mitigated the impact of supply chain challenges for the computers that drive our FABICash, which in turn enabled the company to focus on developing and delivering the kiosk to market, as well as expediting the time it takes to get the product to market.

He concluded: “We are pleased with the ongoing support Quixant provided us throughout the process, which enabled us to first launch the FABIKiosk at G2E 2022. We sold more than 350 FABIKiosks during the show alone, and the reception of the product since has been exceptionally positive with sales exceeding more than 500 kiosks. We are looking forward to showcasing the FABIKiosk again at G2E 2023.”

Eric Walla, VP of Business Development at Quixant, said: “The team at Quixant is delighted to have been chosen by FABICash as their outsourced partner, providing the computer that drives their innovative new kiosk. As ever, our objective is to take away component and hardware availability challenges from our partners, providing customers with powerful, robust, and reliable solutions that give them the confidence to outsource this aspect of their hardware development.”

Walla concluded: “Whilst we are delighted to provide the hardware platforms powering the market-leading FABIKiosk, we are equally pleased to offer unrivaled local support along the journey, which has enabled FABICash to focus efforts on product development, getting their kiosks to market faster, and expanding further within the gaming industry.”