FBM debuts new cabinet Auria, Reel Strike slot at G2E Las Vegas

FBM is launching two new products at G2E Las Vegas 2023. The event, taking place this week at The Venetian, will see the debut of Auria, a highly adaptable casino cabinet with an innovative design; and Reel Strike, a slot machine made up of the Wu Lóng Empire and Noelani Fortress titles.

According to the company, Reel Strike promises to capture the attention of players and operators with an engaging narrative that transports players to two noble clans. Wu Lóng Empire “brings the brave samurai spirit,” while Noelani Fortress “transports you to a magical and mystical place”. Both games share features, such as the Reel Strike Bonus, Mega Free Spins and Wild Storm.

FBM launches Reel Strike on G2E 2023

The Reel Strike bonus offers five progressive jackpots, while the Mega Free Spins expand the winning possibilities with an 8×5 screen. The Wild Storm adds an additional attraction by replacing symbols with Wilds during the free spins.

In addition to innovation in terms of software and game mechanics, Reel Strike brings more powerful hardware with the launch of Auria, billed as a “flexible” casino cabinet.

For Renato Almeida, Director at FBM: “Reel Strike is a fantastic addition to FBM’s slots portfolio. The appealing graphics, animations and sounds created for Noelani Fortress and Wu Lóng Empire merge with the immense rewarding potential of the bonus mode and the Wild Storm and Mega Free Spins features.

This perfect combination of a flashy aesthetic with a feature set ready to engage and retain players makes us very confident about the impact this product can produce on slots’ fans across the world.”

Renato Almeida, Director at FBM

Auria is the latest addition to FBM’s selection of cabinets, offering casino operators greater versatility. With five different configurations (Auria Classica, Auria Tri, Auria Journey, Auria Inversa and Auria Maxima), FBM says that Auria promises easier maintenance and more enjoyable gaming experiences.

Configurations range from 23.8-inch dual screens to a 49-inch flat screen with a 27-inch top screen. All models share cutting-edge hardware, including AMD Ryzen processors, integrated AMD Radeon Vega graphics, a high-quality 5.1 sound system and features such as external USB charging ports and integrated wireless charging.

According to the manufacturer, Auria’s main benefits include its adaptability, practicality, ergonomics, customizability and efficiency, making it a valuable addition to any casino operation.

Almeida added: “Auria is a fantastic addition to FBM’s cabinet selection. The beautiful aesthetics of this model, combined with its modularity and fantastic performance, allow FBM to have the perfect product to answer different casino floor displays.

We strongly believe that Auria will be a synonym of higher profitability and player engagement for casino operators and memorable gaming sessions for FBM players.”