FeedConstruct launches white-label B2B OTT platform solution

FeedConstruct is introducing its B2B OTT solution tailored for right-holders, federations, and media providers. The user-friendly platform is set to empower sports organizations and content creators to digitize and share sports content efficiently “in a world where streaming is the future,” according to the company.

In a statement, FeedConstruct noted that its platform is accessible through both mobile and TV apps, and that it is available on native iOS and Android applications. Because of this, the audience can easily access live streaming, video-on-demand, and catch-up options, with the OTT platform offering “flexible” ways to make content work for the company’s partners.

FeedConstruct further stated that what sets its OTT platform apart is its branding flexibility, enabling partners to showcase their identity through customized design features.

The platform also provides detailed performance insights for data-driven decisions. Moreover, partners can seamlessly integrate payment and CRM solutions while also offering customizable subscription plans.

In this digital age of sports content delivery, FeedConstruct’s OTT platform isn’t just an advantage; it’s the future,” said the company.

In September, FeedConstruct announced the extension of its partnership with the Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague. The extended agreement comes with a significant expansion of content offerings, ‘enriching the handball experience for fans worldwide.’

Under the agreement, besides Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague, FeedConstruct will also cover Czech Handball Men’s Cup and Women’s Cup matches, starting from the quarter-final stage of these tournaments.