SIS announces comprehensive greyhound racing schedule for 2024 focused on bettor engagement

Live betting services content provider Sports Information Services (SIS) has launched its provisional greyhound racing schedule for 2024, with a minimum of 42 weekly fixtures at well-known and proven tracks in the UK and Ireland.

The new schedule features action at two of the circuit’s busiest open tracks, Oxford and Towcester, while serving SIS operator partners with both the English and Irish Greyhound Derbies. The schedule is based on two meetings each morning, afternoon and evening, with 12 races per game as standard, and no early morning starts.

According to the company, changes in the rights landscape and the greyhound population will allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, while at the same time providing short-form content with the aim of increasing levels of customer engagement.

The company has signed as of late new long-term agreements with bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and Betfred to deliver its round-the-clock greyhound content on digital and retail channels in the UK and Ireland, as well as having partnered with operators in other countries.

Paul Witten, Managing Director at SIS, said: “In formulating our streamlined new schedule for 2024, we were focused on delivering for greyhound tracks owned by greyhound people with a shared passion for the sport.

We believe our approach is sensible, sustainable, and positive for the industry. There will undoubtedly be minor tweaks as the schedule evolves to reflect where the balance of trainers and greyhounds sit across the tracks, but we now have the flexibility to deliver a programme that reflects the needs of a changing betting industry.”

There is also a welcome increase in exposure for Irish tracks, which feature in more traditional time slots. This is a schedule we believe will deliver for the benefit of all stakeholders.”