Six US iGaming affiliate companies form new trade association

Six US affiliate companies have joined forces to create a new group called the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA), dedicated to “nurturing an environment where affiliates can serve the commercial needs of the regulated online gambling market.” The RGAA was launched by Better Collective, Catena Media, Group, oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia.

The RGAA says its mission is to champion responsible gambling marketing and advertising practices, empower gambling affiliate companies to influence sensible regulation, and protect consumer interests, while effectively participating in the market.

The association says its initial members have recognized that affiliate marketing providers must participate in broader industry initiatives in the US to advocate for sensible advertising regulation “that balances consumer protection and the practicalities of digital advertising.”

Although gambling affiliates are subject to significant regulation, there is potential for further improvement in elevating the standards of the affiliate marketing sector, the association said. The President of the RGAA will be announced at a later date.

As a trade association, the RGAA will focus on five pillars:

Promotion of competitive gambling markets, emphasizing the importance of open and competitive online gambling markets to ensure consumers can access a diverse selection of modern online gambling services.

Industry education through developing an upcoming slate of initiatives to heighten visibility and generate greater recognition within the gambling sector for gambling affiliates, including inviting additional businesses to join in time.

Consumer protection, empowerment, and choice that steers consumers toward their locally licensed and regulated options, promoting greater product innovation, elevating customer service standards, and maximizing consumer experience.

Advertising codes of conduct to ensure ethical marketing and advertising practices that play an important role in minimizing problem gambling while serving the commercial needs of the broader gambling industry.

Responsible business practices based on thoughtful dedication, intelligent advocacy, and a profound sense of responsibility toward both the industry and the consumers it serves.

Michael Daly, Catena Media CEO

Mark Frank Pedersen, Better Collective CEO of North America, said: “We are committed to doing everything possible to help empower our industry to promote gambling as entertainment and enable our customers to enjoy our products and services responsibly. Having the industry come together with a unified approach to creating standards and guidelines puts the best interests of our consumers, customers, and their families at the forefront.”

Charles Gillespie, CEO

Michael Daly, Catena Media CEO, said: “The US gambling market is swiftly regulating and affiliates are vital to the overall industry. Catena Media is proud to be a founding member of the RGAA, an association committed to promoting responsible, positive wagering experiences through legal, regulated operators.”

Charles Gillespie, CEO, said: “All stakeholders in the American online gambling market need to understand the critical role affiliate companies play in helping regulated online gambling operators achieve their growth targets.”