Paf to continue providing gaming entertainment on Tallink Grupp’s ships in the Northern Baltic Sea

Nordic gaming operator Paf has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Tallink Grupp, a Northern Baltic Sea shipping company. This deal ensures Paf’s continued role as the provider of gaming entertainment on Tallink Grupp’s vessels.

We are pleased to continue our long-standing history with Tallink Grupp. This partnership is an important step towards further improving the entertainment experience for our customers,” said Lasse Danielsson, Chief Operating Officer of Land & Ship. Tallink Grupp, known for its operations in the Northern Baltic Sea, runs a fleet of passenger ships under the Tallink and Silja Line brands.

In this partnership renewal, Paf has plans to revitalize and modernize entertainment options on ships operated by Tallink Grupp, specifically those sailing under the Silja Line brand, connecting Sweden, Åland, and Finland. Part of this modernization involves introducing new coinless gaming machines, integrated with screens that further enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, Paf is evaluating the addition of specific amusement games designed for adults.

Christian Lundell, Key Account Manager at Paf, emphasized the importance of a more interactive relationship with customers. “We will implement our ‘Customer Journey’ concept, which will be an important factor in improving the interaction with our players. The concept not only strengthens the gaming experience but also our communication about responsible gaming,” Lundell said.

Paf has previously implemented updates that have improved responsible gaming onboard Tallink’s ships operating to and from Estonia. On these vessels, passengers are required to identify themselves with their boarding cards to be able to play on a slot machine.

Kairi Maidla, Director of Entertainment at Tallink Grupp, acknowledged the efforts and results achieved through the partnership. “Through our cooperation with Paf, we have successfully achieved a higher standard for the gaming activities onboard. We especially value Paf’s work on responsible gaming and the improvements implemented on our Estonian-flagged ships. Our goal is to improve responsible gaming onboard all our ships together with Paf in the coming years,” Maidla said.

Paf, founded in 1966, reported that it maintains a focus on responsible gaming and contributing to social well-being. Its operations extend beyond online gaming platforms, encompassing a network of over 30 cruise ships navigating the Baltic and North Seas