FeedConstruct partners with World Archery for exclusive betting rights deal

Sports data solutions provider FeedConstruct has announced a partnership with World Archery, marking the first-ever exclusive betting data and video agreement for the international federation. As a result of this deal, FeedConstruct obtains the worldwide exclusive rights to Betting Data Collection and Betting Streaming for various archery disciplines, including Target Archery and Indoor Archery.
We are proud to announce our groundbreaking partnership with World Archery,” stated Narek Harutyunyan, Head of Content Acquisition of FeedConstruct. “Through this collaboration, we aim to elevate the popularity of archery as a betting market, providing accurate data insights for an enhanced fan experience. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both FeedConstruct and World Archery.”

The deal encompasses the Recurve and Compound bow styles and captures the “thrilling action” from archery matches featuring notable athletes such as Kim Woo-jin (South Korea), An San (South Korea), Mete Gazoz (Turkey), Deepika Kumari (India), Brady Ellison (United States), Mike Schloesser (Netherlands), and Sara Lopez (Colombia) among others.

As part of this partnership, FeedConstruct says that it will cover hundreds of archery matches per year across a wide range of events, including the Hyundai Archery World Cup, Hyundai World Archery Championships, continental championships, and various international and regional events.

This coverage will contribute to the growth of archery as a betting market and provide an engaging experience for fans worldwide, according to the sports wagering data supplier.
We’re thrilled to have agreed archery’s first-ever data partnership with Feedconstruct,” said World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener.This cooperation will ensure that the sport’s international betting market is properly monitored and helps to fund the athlete education programmes that keep fair play at the heart of archery’s competition values.

Archery is practiced and enjoyed worldwide with a rich history and global appeal. Talented athletes from around the globe compete at World Archery’s major tournaments and multisport events like the Olympic Games, where the sport first featured in 1900.