Virginia State Police introduces statewide suspicious gambling tip line for public reporting

The Virginia State Police (VSP) has announced the launch of a statewide gaming tip line and an online reporting form. These platforms aim to encourage the public to report any suspected concerns related to gaming operations across the state.

Individuals seeking to report criminal violations of gaming laws are encouraged to utilize the newly established toll-free tip line at 1-833-889-2300. Additionally, violations can be reported through an online form available on the Virginia State Police’s official website.

The tip line is designed to assist the VSP in investigating potential infractions associated with various gaming activities, including Virginia lottery games, sports betting, casino gaming, fantasy contests, horse racing, and pari-mutuel wagering.

Colonel Gary T. Settle, the Superintendent of Virginia State Police, emphasized the importance of adhering to state regulations when participating in gaming activities.

“Virginians need to be aware that if you choose to participate in gaming activities, the programs are regulated and must be operated within the confines of Virginia law,” stated Colonel Settle. He highlighted that these reporting avenues are intended to safeguard consumers and the integrity of gaming programs within the state.

The establishment of the tip line is rooted in Virginia Code 52-54, which establishes within VSP an Office of the Gaming Enforcement Coordinator for the Commonwealth. As a coordinator, VSP can enforce gaming laws through federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Furthermore, the VSP will collaborate with federal authorities and the Commonwealth of Virginia to address any federal investigations concerning illegal gaming activities occurring within the state.