Polish sports betting giant STS names Radim Haluza its new CEO

Beginning on January 1, 2024, STS Group, one of the leading sports betting companies in Poland and a big player in Central Europe, will undergo a significant leadership makeover. Mateusz Juroszek, Chief Executive Officer, will transition into the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Simultaneously, Radim Haluza, currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Entain CEE, the new owner of STS, will be taking on the role of CEO at STS Group.

According to the company, the move aims to advance both the strategic vision of STS as well as the operational efficiency of the organization. In this new post, Juroszek will be responsible for guiding the company toward its strategic objectives and ensuring that they are meticulously carried out throughout both STS and Entain CEE. He will do this by benefiting from his active role on the Board of Directors of Entain CEE.

For his part, Haluza brings to the table ample experience in the iGaming sector and is described by the company as well-positioned to offer fresh insights into the operational fabric of STS. Haluza will also remain as CEO of Entain CEE.

The existing Management Board, managerial structure, and growth strategies for the Polish market will continue to be intact despite these changes, says the company This will ensure that stakeholders continue to benefit from continuity and stability. STS will seek to make use of the worldwide consortium’s collective expertise, solutions, technological resources, and financial resources to fulfill its role as a member of the Entain Group.

“Our priority is to continue to grow in Poland – where the betting market is growing dynamically – and to exploit opportunities for growth across the region with Entain CEE,” said Mateusz Juroszek. “I will continue to be actively involved in the development of Poland’s largest sports betting companies – nothing is going to change in this respect.”

In 2022, the Juroszek Family, EMMA Capital, and gambling giant Entain Group, listed on the London Stock Exchange, founded Entain CEE to foster growth in the Central and Eastern European region by partnering with local market leaders.

The acquisition of SuperSport in 2022 allowed Entain CEE to solidify its position in the Croatian market, with the company boasting a market share of more than 50% in the country. Entain CEE’s position as a key player in the betting and gaming sector in Central and Eastern Europe was further cemented by the subsequent acquisition of STS in 2023.