Alan Burak: “2024 will be the coming out year for many new regulators in the LatAm region”

As the year draws to a close, Alan Burak, Vice President of Monografie, creator and organizer of SAGSE events throughout the Americas, shares his review of 2023, highlights the changes experienced by the industry, and affirms that 2024 will offer greater growth and investment opportunities in Argentina for the gaming market, both land-based and online.

What assessment can you share with us of the sector’s performance during 2023, particularly for SAGSE? And from your point of view, what were the main highlights this year in the local market?

In terms of results, 2023 was an exceptional year for SAGSE. As an event, it was a year of post-pandemic consolidation, in which we reached 32 editions and reaffirmed our history as the exhibition of choice for the region.

If we evaluate our objectives, as an exhibition we managed to exceed initial expectations by gathering a significant number of quality participants, entrepreneurs with purchasing and decision-making power, and we achieved 75% of foreign attendance, establishing SAGSE as a point of reference in the region.

Some highlights for this year included the success of the four thematic axes we wanted to impose with our proposal: focusing on Sports Betting; Payment Methods and Regulation; Casinos and Marketing; and Affiliates and Multimedia.

In addition, the exclusive and high-level format of SAGSE in Buenos Aires attracted the most qualified players in the industry, fulfilling our focus on quality over quantity.

It is a very positive balance…

The balance of 2023 is positive and highlights several significant aspects. First, the event highlighted the potential and diversity of the Latin American market. Today, Latin America is the most attractive market for the whole world. This is seen in the growth and importance of the industry, and the increase of places where gambling is official and legal, whether we are talking about physical gaming halls or in combination with online.

SAGSE served as a key space for the gathering of industry leaders, providing a valuable networking platform to share ideas and establish fruitful relationships. In terms of meeting objectives, SAGSE Latam 2023 exceeded the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors, confirming its success in terms of content and quality.

But it should also be noted that for those of us who make SAGSE, it was a year with a very sad moment, since Giorgio Gennari Litta, the man who created this brand, passed away, leaving us a legacy in our work that we will always try to honor. Therefore, it is a bittersweet year on a personal level, since the commercial successes may be a little overshadowed by this painful departure.

Based on this balance, what do you expect for the year ahead?

Looking ahead to next year, Argentina and the region as a whole will face key challenges and opportunities. These include the need to increase the diversification of content targeting new markets. Political moves make 2024 the “coming out” time for many new regulators in the region, who will be in charge of their jurisdictions for at least four years.

In terms of products, it is always possible to see cutting-edge elements that make the Latin market have a better user experience, and highlight the importance of technological innovation, to maintain competitiveness and offer high-quality gaming experiences, as well as the management of regulatory challenges and social responsibility. In particular, SAGSE has great expectations and we will seek to continue to be the starting point of a whole world of solutions for the sector.

What are those expectations?

In terms of expectations and objectives, we want to maintain the momentum of the Latin American market, foster collaboration among industry leaders, and continue to be a space for technological innovation. In addition, we will seek to strengthen the diversity of content, to meet the changing demands of players and maintain consumer interest. 2024 is shaping up to be another exciting and successful year for SAGSE!

If you had to highlight one piece of news of the year that is ending, what would it be?

The most outstanding news of the year was the evolution of regulation in the region, in terms of regulation and the fight against illegal gambling and the funding of terrorism.

Regulatory changes and new opportunities for the gaming industry generated a significant impact, opening doors to innovation and sustainable growth. The industry’s ability to adapt to these dynamics demonstrates the vitality and resilience of the sector.

In highlighting the challenges and opportunities for the coming year, which ones can you identify?

Challenges include the need to adapt to changing regulations, as well as ensuring safety and integrity in a dynamic environment. Conversely, opportunities will lie in the industry’s ability to leverage emerging technology, strengthen cross-industry collaboration, and explore new avenues for public engagement.

Finally, what goals can you highlight for SAGSE in 2024?

As mentioned earlier, in 2024 SAGSE will seek to further consolidate itself as the hub of innovation and business in the region.

We aim to surpass last year’s achievements, offering an exclusive and high-level event that not only meets the expectations of our regular participants but also attracts new key players. We also intend to expand our presence in the digital sphere, providing unique experiences, both at the physical event and through virtual platforms.

2024 will be an exciting year for SAGSE and the industry in general! We look forward to seeing you in Argentina at SAGSE Latam on March 20-21 at the Hilton Buenos Aires, as well as our events at SAGSE One Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, at the Hotel Acaray on May 20, 21, and 22; and SAGSE One Miami in the United States, from June 27 to 29.