SOFTSWISS: “AI is poised to permeate every corner of the industry, transforming traditional paradigms”

iGaming software solutions supplier SOFTSWISS marked a historic milestone in July when its game aggregator surged beyond €10 billion ($10.95 billion) in monthly total bets, a zenith it has unwaveringly maintained since. Within the Sportsbook domain, the company witnessed a notable 451% surge in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) across its clientele, complemented by a substantial 351% year-on-year increase in total turnover.

Buoyed by these achievements, the company is strategizing an ambitious geographic expansion initiative, prioritizing the Brazilian and African markets. Simultaneously, it is preparing for a robust enhancement of its Sportsbook, the widespread deployment of the Tournament Tool among its clientele, and the certification of software products in new countries.

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Max Trafimovich, Chief Commercial Officer at SOFTSWISS, reflects on the company’s journey in 2023 and outlines the vision for the upcoming year.

Reviewing the dynamic landscape of 2023, could you provide an in-depth assessment of the year for SOFTSWISS? Share key takeaways and noteworthy highlights that have shaped the company’s journey. 

First of all, I should mention the event that shaped the iGaming landscape in 2023. An essential focal point lies in the noteworthy regulatory developments taking place in Brazil, a strategic initiative that has unfolded over the past decade. The burgeoning attention of the sector is directed toward this dynamic and promising market, as Brazil positions itself as a pivotal player with the potential to influence industry landscapes.

Switching focus on SOFTSWISS progress in 2023, I should say that our strategic approach is undeniably yielding positive results. Demonstrating our achievements with concrete numbers, I am delighted to highlight a significant milestone for the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, consistently surpassing €10 billion ($10.95 billion) in Monthly Total Bets across all projects since July

Additionally, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator recently celebrated a valuable achievement by welcoming its 70th partner brand. In the Sportsbook domain, our success is underscored by a remarkable 451% increase in GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) among all clients, coupled with a substantial 351% year-on-year surge in total turnover.

Among the most valuable improvements in the SOFTSWISS lineup, the Tournament Tool launch and the cross-product integration definitely should be mentioned. All these achievements and noteworthy figures underscore our commitment to excellence and have garnered prestigious industrial accolades in such categories as “Best Aggregator”, “Crypto Company of the Year”, “Best Customer Service”, “Affiliate Tracking Software of the Year” and others.

Considering the ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry, how do you anticipate the role of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencing the development of SOFTSWISS products and services in the coming year? Moreover, are there other emerging trends that you foresee gaining significant traction?

AI is poised to permeate every corner of the industry, transforming traditional paradigms and enhancing efficiency across the board. It is not surprising that this tool was included in the recent SOFTSWISS 2024 iGaming Trends Report.

For operators, the integration of AI is multifaceted, spanning from the implementation of AI-based chatbots for customer support to bolstering Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, where neural networks excel in detecting forgeries and fakes. Furthermore, AI is set to revolutionize player engagement through highly targeted promotions, ensuring the delivery of the right incentives, such as offering the ‘perfect doughnut’ at precisely the right moment.

In the realm of software companies, such as SOFTSWISS, functions like the AI copilot could be helpful in code creation. Design tools like Midjourney or Wix are streamlining the creative process, generating images, and assembling website layouts in mere minutes. Deep data analytics empowered by AI are providing invaluable insights. AI even extends its influence to managerial and sales roles; for instance, it can aid in summarising the outcomes of meetings, enhancing overall productivity.

Delving into market dynamics, which markets and verticals have presented the most surprising developments for SOFTSWISS in 2023? Furthermore, are there specific markets where you anticipate substantial momentum and growth in the year ahead?

As mentioned, the Brazilian market stands out as the most promising frontier for the iGaming Business. The vast expanse of Brazil, surpassing any European country in terms of population, underscores the significance of all the efforts of the gambling and betting companies to establish a foothold in this burgeoning market. 

Looking ahead, SOFTSWISS has also set its sights on one of the most encouraging African markets with long-term projects committed to sustainable growth in the region. The grand announcement of the specifics of our activities will take place a little bit later.

As we approach a new year, what strategic initiatives or innovations does SOFTSWISS plan to implement to maintain a competitive edge in the gaming industry? Will gamification gain momentum next year, and if so, how does SOFTSWISS incorporate this concept into its portfolio of solutions?

Alongside the aforementioned geographic expansion, we are committed to elevating the player experience through significant enhancements to our product portfolio. 

Anticipating 2024, we are gearing up for a substantial reinforcement of our Sportsbook, an expansive rollout of the Tournament Tool across our client base, and the certification of our software products in new countries. 

Clearly, we’ve been proactive in incorporating gamification into our products to meet the needs of both players and operators. This journey of robust gamification and ultra-deep player segmentation began more than five years ago.

In recent years, we introduced the Bonus API, offering operators even more flexibility in bonusing. Additionally, our Jackpot Aggregator and Tournament Tool serve as valuable mechanisms to enhance player engagement. We’re delighted to see these features being adopted by top operators, a testament to their effectiveness in elevating the overall gaming experience.

However, one should not think that gamification is some kind of magic pill that immediately turns a software product into something vastly superior. At SOFTSWISS, we always remember other basic things. As one example out of many, by investing in technical infrastructure, we achieve high availability and fast speed in the regions where our clients are present. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring a compelling and engaging experience for all stakeholders.

Recognizing our role as an industry trendsetter, SOFTSWISS experts have meticulously crafted a comprehensive 2024 iGaming Trends Report. This resource is poised to assist all market players in staying aware of the latest developments and effectively elevating their businesses in line with the evolving landscape.