Curaçao introduces new Digital Seal for licensed online casino sites

Since the beginning of 2024, the regulatory framework for online gaming in Curaçao has undergone significant changes. Among them is the introduction of a Digital Seal for licensed online casino sites, serving as a form of authentication and credibility, allowing visitors to quickly verify the licensing status of the online casino.

These modifications, led by the Gaming Control Board (GCB) and supported by the National Ordinance on Game of Chance (LOK), aim to reinforce the sector’s protections and improve the region’s reputation as a reliable and responsible market for online gaming.

“We are very happy to reach this final stage. The submission of the LOK to Parliament is not just a procedural step, but a leap towards transformative progress,” stated Minister Silvania after submitting the bill to the parliament.

To use the seal, which is issued by the GCB, operators must first secure a license and complete a registration process through the board’s portal. Any form of tampering or obstruction to the seal will be strictly prohibited. 

Aideen Shortt, advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Curaçao, announced the implementation of the special seal in mid-December. He emphasized the importance of the Digital Seal, which displays the URL, as part of the efforts to reform the regulatory regime of gambling in Curaçao.

The new legislation, still awaiting parliamentary approval, also aims to dismantle the current structure involving main license holders and sublicensed operators.

The implementation of the digital seal imposes a series of conditions. Online casinos must display the seal prominently and legibly on landing pages, and any attempt to alter or hide the seal is prohibited. Furthermore, those who have not completed the registration process, even if they hold sublicenses, are prohibited from displaying the Digital Seal.

The GCB has emphasized that there will be strict enforcement against those who violate the policies, creating an impression that they meet the specified criteria when they don’t.

The steps being taken by the GCB are designed to ensure a smooth transition to the new framework, which will see all licenses and license holders operating under the same rights and conditions. Additionally, the body detailed that any account can hold one or more licenses, and a single beneficial owner (UBO) can have multiple accounts.