PopOK Gaming expands Crash games series with launch of new title Crash Infinity

iGaming content provider PopOK Gaming has announced the launch of Crash Infinity, the latest addition to the company’s Crash games series.

Crash Infinity invites players to place bets while closely monitoring the soaring flight of a paper plane. As multipliers increase rapidly, players will be tasked with strategically deciding when to cash out before the plane crashes. Players have the opportunity to win up to x10,000 in this game.

The primary objective is to cash out before the multiplier crashes – successfully timing the cashout results in a payout based on the original bet and the final multiplier. The introduction of the Auto-cashout feature allows players to automatically cash out at a predetermined multiplier, adding a layer of convenience to the gameplay.

Key features:

  • Fast-paced and thrilling gameplay
  • Simple and enjoyable betting mechanics
  • Soar high to maximize your potential win
  • Strategic decisions to collect winnings before the crash

Crash Infinity seamlessly fits into various categories, including Casino Games, Skill Games, Fast Games, Instant Games, Mini Games, and more, the provider explained. 

PopOK Gaming introduced its new Crash Games vertical earlier this month with the inaugural release of Lucky Spin, offering a multiplayer spinning top-themed crash game.

“With its captivating gameplay and potential for high multipliers, Lucky Spin is poised to attract both new and existing players,” the company said last week. “The game’s straightforward yet strategic approach ensures broad player appeal, leading to increased wagers and enhanced revenue for partnering casinos.”