RG24seven Virtual Training teams up with Better Change to provide free Safer Gambling Training in the UK

Video-based virtual training provider RG24seven Virtual Training, a BMM Innovation Group company, has announced Better Change as their UK Safer Gambling partner. The partnership seeks to bring “a new approach to Safer Gambling training for everyone working in the gaming and gambling industry.”

Wendy Anderson, RG24seven’s CEO, stated: “We are proud to choose Better Change as our UK Safer Gambling partner, enabling us to bring best-in-class training specifically created for UK land-based and online gaming company employees. We will provide a virtual suite of free-to-use, compliance-grade courses and educational tools.

Wendy Anderson

Victoria Reed, Founder of Better Change, commented: “Better Change and RG24seven have like-minded goals towards the protection of the gambling industry and its consumers in the UK and worldwide. Gambling is a legitimate pastime enjoyed safely by many people around the world and employs over 76,000 in the UK alone. We want to help those people build great careers in an industry they are proud to work in and education is the foundation.
Reed continued: “We are collaborating with industry-leading experts, encompassing operators, regulators, researchers, treatment specialists, and individuals with lived experience to create Safer Gambling courses exclusive to the UK. Along with our free courses, we will offer premium content, in-person workshops, and customized packages, catering to a broad spectrum of educational needs.
Anderson concluded: “Together, we are providing training for the UK that balances compliance, player protection, and commercial objectives to ensure that the gaming industry is safe, sustainable, and fun. We invite all UK gaming organizations to pre-register to gain access to our completely free, world-class training for all of their employees.”

Earlier in January, RG24seven Virtual Training announced new courses, quizzes and certificates for 2024, as well as “an intuitive re-structured training system.” According to RG24seven, its training platform enables employees “to feel empowered and proud” of where they work, while ensuring that the organization meets and exceeds their Regulatory and Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.