Rank Group becomes inaugural customer for DoTrust Complete safer gambling platform

Department of Trust, a provider of financial risk assessments for safer gambling, has introduced DoTrust Complete, a dedicated platform providing end-to-end, frictionless, and enhanced financial risk checks across all stages of the player journey. The company has announced The Rank Group as its inaugural live customer for this new service.

Until now, UK gambling operators had to depend on multiple providers for financial risk, affordability, AML, and other compliance and safer gambling assessments on their customers, says Department of Trust. This resulted in complexity, increased costs, a suboptimal player experience, and substantial regulatory penalties for poor execution.

The challenge is expected to intensify following the UK government’s review of the Gambling Act, likely requiring more frequent vulnerability checks on players, even at lower spending levels, necessitating frictionless and accurate assessments.

DoTrust Complete enables operators to conduct all necessary checks in a single platform, including frictionless income and vulnerability tests utilizing available public and proprietary data, some of which have not been utilized in the gambling industry previously, according to Department of Trust. Operators can design their own risk methodology and ensure full auditability of decisions, meeting regulatory requirements while maintaining proportionality.

“We are delighted to officially launch Complete ahead of the expected change in regulation this year. Operators now have a reliable, comprehensive and industry-first service they can rely on to meet all current and future requirements. Complete reduces friction for customers and increases certainty and efficiency for operators,” Michael Byrne, DoTrust’s chief operating officer, said.

“Rank has always been at the forefront of consumer protection and are constantly seeking ways to improve our player experience within a safe environment. DoTrust Complete is the first tool we have found that has been specifically developed for gambling operators. The efficiency and degree of control which Complete gives is impressive and we are excited to leverage these capabilities in building our business,” Liam Smith, director of customer operations for Rank Interactive, commented.