Slotegrator: “Asia and LatAm were hot discussion points at our ICE booth because they match our target market”

The latest edition of the ICE gaming expo – the last to be held in London as the event prepares to relocate to Barcelona starting in 2025 – came to an end on February 8, gathering gaming stakeholders from all industry verticals at the ExCeL exhibition center for three busy days of networking, product presentations, and more.

Yogonet was present at the exhibition and took the opportunity to hold an interview with the team of online gaming solutions provider Slotegrator about their showcase for the meeting and the reception their products garnered across the three days.

In this conversation, Khoren Ispiryan, Sales Manager, explains the highlights of Slotegrator’s presentation at ICE, technological innovation in the company’s portfolio, industry trends, and much more.

What was ICE London 2024 like for the company? Did the exhibition feel different from previous editions, taking into account this is the last time it takes place in the UK’s capital before relocating to Barcelona starting next year?

It was an amazing show, everyone tried to be as productive and get as much as possible from it because it was the last ICE in London. We had a really great time during the three days; we had a lot of productive meetings and productive cooperation perspectives. We’re now looking forward to developing them even further during the upcoming exhibitions.

ICE is known for gathering thousands of attendees each edition, ranging from a diverse number of markets and industry verticals. What was the profile of the attendees approaching the company booth this time around?

We had many visitors approaching our booth. We had creators, content developers, providers… They were interested in our offerings, and the best thing is that we can cover all our visitors’ needs.

If people want content for their business, we provide it. If they are searching for a platform, we also provide it. Even if they need legal assistance, we also provide it as well. We cover the full range of business needs of our visitors, which is really exciting for us.

Slotegrator’s online casino platform and its key modules were highlighted at ICE. What are the main capabilities the solution opens for your customers? And what role is AI, which is integrated into Slotegrator’s portfolio, set to play for the company?

The advantage of Slotegrator is that we have one of the best turnkey solutions in the industry, and it provides full technical development for operators. We are including API integrations and payment integrations, so through this turnkey solution, you can get everything that you need in order to start your business. The turnkey solution also helps operators to be ready for market changes because we are very flexible with it.

We are also adding more and more modules, including bonus modules, promotional modules, and business intelligence modules, which are helping our clients to have a better understanding of their own business and also a better understanding of how the market works and what they need to do with this solution.

As you mentioned, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, and AI is a trending line in the industry, as well as in the world in general. We’re trying to use it as much as possible, but of course, with wise limitations so that we reach a balance between AI and standard intelligence.

The company regularly shares reports and material on the iGaming sector, including insights on the profile of the modern audience, current trends, and growth markets such as Latin America and Asia. Can you give us a brief overview of these reports, and how Slotegrator takes them into account when developing its solutions?

The best part of the cooperation between Slotegrator and our clients and partners is that we really consider their feedback as a very important asset for us. So based on this feedback, and also based on the internal research from our departments and our development processes, we can create these reports and reviews.

These educational, promotional, and consulting materials give our clients a better understanding of the market and allow them to leverage the insights in order to further develop and grow their businesses.

Asia, especially Southeast Asia, and also Latin America, particularly Brazil, were some of the hot discussion points at our booth because they match our target market. We are trying to have a large presence in these regions, and during ICE we discussed a lot of collaboration opportunities and prospects regarding entering these markets with bigger volumes. We currently have that power, but more developments are always a very good additional asset for us.

Alongside the turnkey casino solution, another product that was highlighted this time around at ICE London was Telegram Casino, a development Slotegrator has pioneered and which opens a new niche market to operators. Were attendees interested in leveraging this solution to reach new players they might currently not be catering to?

We have the trademark of Telegram Casino and we are very proud of the fact that we are the first company in the industry that has innovated the market with a Telegram solution. Because it’s one of our most demanded and powerful products, we are continuously trying to develop new features for it to make it more accessible for all our clients who want to reach a new niche of players.

This popularity is the reason why we are continuously adding new features and new opportunities for our partners to opt in and to get as much as possible from this solution and in the future, of course, there will be even more and even bigger surprises for this product. All I can say is to stay tuned, follow us and look out for new developments for our platform and our Telegram solution.