Colombian operator expects to reach 30,000 users in 2024

Gaming in Colombia has experienced a 123% growth in the last five years, reflecting the great interest of Colombians in digital entertainment platforms. In this context, the launch of, the new platform of Zamba Casinos, was announced. Intending to reach 30,000 users by 2024, seeks to position as a leader in the country’s competitive online gambling market. is at the forefront of innovation in the sector, offering an exciting and safe online gaming experience for Colombian users. This milestone marks a significant step in the online entertainment landscape in Colombia and establishes the betting operator as a leading player in the country’s gaming industry,” the company said in a statement.

During the fourth quarter of 2023, Zamba Casino awarded around COP 600 million ($152 thousand) in promotional bonuses to Colombian players. This year, the brand, which has a base of 360,000 registered users and a daily traffic of 1,000 people, has an ambitious goal of doubling this figure. 

“This update reflects our commitment to providing a premium gaming experience, complete with exciting sports betting options, games of chance and, most importantly, cybersecurity. This evolution represents a step forward in our ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional and secure gaming experiences for our users,” said Enrique Amorocho, General Manager of

“For the brand, it is a significant milestone in our journey. We are committed to offering exceptional online entertainment, and this new platform is the culmination of that commitment,” he added. 

Among the platform’s most popular games in 2023 was Pragmatic Play’s ‘Spaceman’, a space adventure “that captivated players with its fast-paced action and impressive graphics,” the company noted.

Zamba Casinos experienced an impressive 15% growth in casino gaming revenue compared to the previous year. “This growth is testimony to the trust and loyalty of users, backed by relevant investments in advanced technology to ensure a robust and secure platform for every registrant,” the firm stated.

Finally, the company highlighted that is committed to responsible gaming and actively supports community initiatives, as well as sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact. “These core values are the foundation of their mission to provide a world-class gaming experience,” a statement reads.

Additionally, the business has taken on prominent roles as a cultural manager and promoter, sponsoring events such as the International Bolero Festival and donating to the Romantic Museum.