Grupo Orenes celebrates its 11th anniversary of land-based operations in Mexico

Grupo Orenes, a Spanish operator in the gaming sector, celebrated the 11th anniversary of its land-based operations in Mexico, where it manages three gaming halls in the states of Querétaro (Casino Caliente Querétaro), Chihuahua (Casino Caliente Chihuahua) and Guanajuato (Casino Caliente León).

Since the group decided in 2013 to expand its horizons in the vibrant Mexican territory, Grupo Orenes has demonstrated its commitment to excellence and innovation. Querétaro and Chihuahua were the first witnesses of this exciting journey, and today, with pride, we see how the latter has undergone a remarkable transformation,” the company highlighted.

Thus, regarding the Chihuahua venue, they recalled that “in 2019, with an investment of MXN 24 million ($1,406,993) in its expansion and with an offer of more than 600 machines with the latest technology, it has become a true epicenter of fun.”

These two entertainment centers have positioned themselves as the city’s favorites, thanks to their modern facilities, poker tournaments, exquisite gastronomy, and unforgettable events,” the company noted.

Additionally, the group indicated that the acquisition of Caliente Casino de León in 2016 reaffirmed its commitment to quality, guaranteeing exceptional attention, unique experiences, and the uniqueness of each event.”

The business also recalled that an investment of more than MXN 11 million ($644,872) was made in 2022 to inaugurate a new parking lot at the Caliente Casino in Querétaro, offering 209 spaces reinforced with specialized valet parking.

“In addition, the new corporate offices were inaugurated, a space that reflects the company’s vision: comfortable, innovative and goal-oriented.”

Finally, the company shared that, “in 2024, Grupo Orenes not only celebrates its eleventh anniversary in Mexico but also presents to the world an internal technological platform that will make a difference in the online gaming experience.”

“This breakthrough, launched in both Mexico and Portugal, highlights the continued commitment to innovation and the delivery of an exclusive and quality experience to its customers.”

“Undoubtedly, the group will continue its ascent, exploring new goals through the development of cutting-edge technologies and the realization of projects that will set a new standard in the entertainment industry,” the Spanish group concluded.