Italy’s authorities issue illegal gaming notice due to misleading online advertising

The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) has issued a statement reminding of the legal restrictions placed on advertising gambling websites. According to the Agency, the statement was made in response to “several” online media outlets publishing articles that advertised playing online games “with cash winnings on platforms not referable to dealers,” which is illegal in the country.

According to the statement, those who advertise such games can be fined and imprisoned for up to three months. “Even the participant in the bets organized by non-licensed operators can be sanctioned with a fine and arrested for up to three months,” the Authority’s statement reads.

“Furthermore, we would like to remind you that, as required by the legislative decree 12 July 2018, n.87, any form of advertising, even indirect, is prohibited relating to games or bets with money winnings, carried out on any means, including sporting, cultural or artistic events, television or radio broadcasts, the daily and periodical press, the publications in general, billboards and the internet,” ADM noted.

“The Agency, therefore, reminds the press that advertising operators without licenses can lead to specific measures by the Communications Authority, in addition to the aforementioned criminal implications,” it concluded.