Paybrokers: “Our main focus has always been Brazil, but we are now targeting Mexico and Colombia”

PayBrokers, a company specializing in payment facilitation with a strong presence in the Brazilian gambling market, was an expositor at the SBC Summit Rio 2024, held in Rio de Janeiro between March 5 and 7.

On this occasion, the company’s CEO, Edson Lenzi, talked to Yogonet about the current regulatory scenario in Brazil, as well as PayBrokers’ latest news and expansion plans to other countries.

What is your assessment of PayBrokers’ participation in SBC Summit Rio? Did you present any new features or do you see the event more as an opportunity to strengthen ties and networking?

We have brought some novelties for our clients, already aimed at the regulated market, some functionalities of this system, and some financial services already related to obtaining the license. It’s tailor-made for each operator. So it’s more about that and, of course, about brand awareness and reuniting with long-time partners.

PayBrokers previously announced that it has a new feature called FastPix, can you give us more details on what it is and what are its main advantages?

FastPix aims to improve the user experience and, consequently, website conversion. It is a simplified form of deposit where the registration is finalized at a later stage. So first the customer is converted and then the actual registration is finalized.

With this, I help the site to perform the QWC [Quick Web Checkout] of the user. The conversion figures have improved a lot. They are growing month by month and we expect that soon at least 50% of the new conversions will be done with the FastPix system.

The industry is eagerly awaiting the publication of the 12 ordinances. We do not know yet the content, or what will be in them, but apparently one of them will deal with the issue of payment methods. As a company, what do you expect from these ordinances?

We are aware that there will be a lot of management by the Central Bank in the ordinances. It is something that the sector is very much looking forward to, among other things to better regulate the payment methods that have become a hype. First, it was the gambling fever and now it is the payment fever. Thus, every week two or three new payment methods appear without effective management from the Central Bank.

So the regulation and management by the Central Bank are very positive for the sector because they bring security to both the bettor and the operators themselves. The lack of regulation and criteria for many means of payment is of concern to the market as a whole. The cost of doing the right thing is one, the cost of doing the wrong thing is completely different.

This is a cancer in the industry that will now be stopped with regulation. We know that the Central Bank is examining our sector very closely, and there are even internal operations to curb pseudo-payment media.

We have a payment entity and a financial entity that are also authorized by the Central Bank. So we believe we have all the requirements to continue operating normally in the regulated market.

Paybrokers' stand at SBC Summit Rio 2024

What can you tell us about the company’s growth and operations in countries other than Brazil?

We maintained a line of growth throughout last year and this year we are also managing to stay a little above forecasts, both in terms of transaction volume as well as financial volume.

Regarding other countries, we are targeting Mexico and Colombia. Our main target has always been Brazil, but these two countries with stronger regulations are going to be the first 100% regulated countries where we are going to start processing payments.

We are also focusing on some countries in Africa. That’s why I’m going to travel to Africa to better understand the market which, in one way or another, is very similar to ours.

In terms of events, can you give any details of the company’s calendar? What events is PayBrokers scheduled to participate in? 

I am going to SiGMA Africa next week (the interview was conducted before the event, which took place March 11-13). Then we have SAGSE. In April, before SiGMA Brazil, there’s a Cibelae event in Buenos Aires. Those are the next four. 

We have changed our trade fair strategy a little bit, especially the international ones. We are no longer going to have stands at all the fairs. We have chosen the best ones, such as SBC and SiGMA São Paulo.