Interblock to showcase its latest table games and novelties at ICE London 2023

Interblock announced it will exhibit its latest products and features at ICE London 2023, at booth #S5-250. Throughout the pandemic, Interblock says it “remained focused and dedicated to its craft and invested into its products and employees,” resulting in new developments it will now showcase at the expo.

“The company revolutionized distribution methods to attract new players to the casino floors, entice existing players to stay longer, and increase mathematical efficiencies,” Interblock claims. Making its 24th year of participation, Interblock says it will unveil and demonstrate new forms of technology designed to achieve these metrics and beyond

John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock, commented: “The London ICE Show provides us the opportunity to meet with some of the most influential and cutting-edge operators in the world. The ability to display our team’s innovation and obtain feedback from our customers and partners in real-time is priceless.”

We will display dozens of new products, unique products, features and functionalities, while introducing new upgrades to virtually all of our existing products. As in years past, Interblock will be launching an entirely new Electronic Table Game segment to the Casino industry at this year’s show,” he added. “The introduction of Live Dealer ETG Pits has been designed to help optimize existing dealer’s efficiency for virtually every game, through the use of technology.”

Bonus Wheel Roulette

For the past five years, Interblock revolved around three primary categories – Stadium Technology, Standalone Products, and Universal Cabinets. But in October of 2022, the company unveiled a fourth product category – Live Electronic Table Game Pits. 

In an effort to increase the number of games played, reduce labor costs and payout errors, accumulate supplemental revenue, and enhance security on existing Live Pits, Interblock’s development of Live ETG Pits provides casinos “the perfect solution,” the company says.

Featuring Live Dealers, advanced technology, and the games of Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat in multiple variations, Live ETG Pits are “designed to transport existing pits to the future.” Live Dealers, guided by Interblock’s Dealer Terminal, encourage play to triple decisions per hour, increase the House Advantage/ Hold Percentage, eliminate overpayments, and provide players with “an intimate, personalized gaming experience,” according to the business.

Gorazd Golob, Senior Vice President of Interblock’s Product Expert Team, commented: “We are especially excited to meet with our current customers and new visitors and present our latest developments to the global gaming market at this year’s show. Among the variety of products on display, our booth will highlight two brand new games and, thus far, recipients of an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the industry – Pick2Win Craps and Bonus Wheel Roulette.” 

Interblock’s new Pick2Win Craps “elevates the game of Craps” as the designated shooter selects which two out of three, color distinctive dice generators will produce the result. The role of the shooter is assigned after every “seven out” occurrence and the player remains the shooter until the next “seven out.” 

Live Dual Roulette ETG Pit

Adding an extra element of surprise, the optional Craps Shutter covers the generators as the dice shake. The community shooter is tasked with choosing which two, out of three, dice generators will produce the game result before revealing the dice results. Pick2Win Craps is available as a standalone product and/or as an addition to Interblock Stadiums and Pulse Arenas.

Bonus Wheel Roulette, nominated for Product Launch of the Year by Global Gaming Awards London 2023 and for Best ETG Product by The European Casino Awards 2023, is a new standalone product that incorporates “the thrill of playing traditional Roulette with the opportunity for players to win payouts up to 250 to 1 with a dual wheel bonus system.” Interblock said it is “incredibly proud” of Bonus Wheel Roulette’s nomination and honored to be shortlisted by two recognized gaming awards in the industry.

Marco Herrera, Interblock President of EMEA, commented: “After three years of COVID, we expect to reconnect with the majority of European, Middle Eastern, and African customers at ICE this year. Combined with a few years of major innovation in the ETG segment, this creates a very exciting combination for Interblock.”

“Looking toward the future, Interblock vows to continue revolutionizing the gaming industry, innovating with their team, and identifying product categories that attract players and extend play. By protecting the DNA, culture, and invention that made Interblock so successful, the company’s accelerated growth and optimization of the market demand will persevere. In the very near future, when people think of “table games,” they will think of Interblock,” said the company in a statement.