FBM Foundation helps and donates to 500+ Manila families affected by fire incident

FBM Foundation is kicking off 2023 with the Bayanihan para sa kababayan program, a new project destined to help Filipino communities in disadvantageous situations. Its first solidarity initiative took place last week in Quiapo, Manila, where with the help of its volunteers the charity arm of FBM Gaming distributed essential goods to the residents affected by a fire incident that happened during the New Year holiday.

In a six-month program operating throughout the months of January, March, May, July, October, and December of 2023 in the Philippines, the new project by FBM Foundation contemplates six initiatives to positively impact Filipino populations.

This project uniquely portrays the Filipino concept of unity, civic harmony, and cooperation at its finest, as one of the most important traits in Filipino culture is the act of compassion to help other people,” the Foundation said in a statement. 

The first step to making this project come to life started almost immediately in the new year. A fire that was unleashed on December 29 left more than 500 families in Quiapo in a vulnerable situation, living in tents for the past 3 weeks. Additionally, the barangay hall and the daycare center were also hit by the blaze.

Vítor Francisco, Director of FBM Foundation, said: “Help comes in different faces and ways, and FBM Foundation truly believes that the essence of help is not only through monetary and material things but also by making other people happy. Providing motivation and inspiration can help them tremendously.”

Residents affected had to stay in the area where the fire occurred because they were unable to immediately move or rent accommodation. In the past 3 weeks, they have only been living in the tents they built for shelter, making it essential to help them.

As reported by the Foundation, support and resources were provided to over 500 families in Brgy. 387 Arlegui St. Quiapo, Manila area. To carry on this mission, 14 volunteers helped distribute essential goods such as rice, canned goods, milk and noodles, and toiletry kits like shampoo, toothpaste, baby wipes, diapers, and soap to residents. All activities were carried out in strict observance of the government-issued health and safety protocols against COVID-19, notes the Foundation.

The Bayanihan para sa kababayan program has six activities scheduled for this year. “Initiatives like the ones promoted in this project are willfully structured to help challenged Filipinos with their needs and take a lead to uplift their spirits by providing them assistance and care, without expecting something in return,” the Foundation concluded.