Acres’ cashless gaming technology approved in Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri

Casino loyalty and technology developer Acres Manufacturing Company announced Thursday that the cashless gaming functionality enabled by its Foundation casino management system has been approved by regulators in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri.

The newest regulatory approvals from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, the Mississippi Gaming Commission, and the Missouri Gaming Commission increase the number of states where Acres’ solution for cashless gaming has been approved to nine, with the solution currently deployed in all these states in a total of 21 casinos and across nearly 31,000 slot machines.

Acres' stand at G2E, last year

Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing said: “We want to thank the regulators in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and in the six states that previously approved Foundation’s cashless gaming solution for their diligent review and approval of our innovative technology.”

Each of these regulators has taken an important first step in helping to bring modern technology to their state’s operators that brings added convenience to casino players through an engaging and seamless user experience while providing operators with a powerful tool to grow revenue, attract new guests, and operate more efficiently and effectively,” he added.

According to the expert, the casino gaming floor experience continues to “stagnate” with its reliance on 20+-year-old systems technologies. In contrast, Noah Acres claims his company is developing “revolutionary casino gaming technology that helps drive similar consumer engagement and revenue benefits” already enjoyed by other industries that have already embraced these tech improvements.

Noah Acres

“While legacy casino management systems’ providers attempt to address consumer preferences for cashless gaming solutions by recycling decades-old Cashless Wagering Account (CWA) technology, which requires casino operators to assume financial liability for all customer deposits, Acres’ Foundation technology is a modern architecture that eliminates the CWA entirely to effectively mitigate risk, operate faster, and offer more security for player funds and a more intuitive player experience,” he explains.

To highlight “the significant benefits” Acres’ Cashless Casino technology solution brings to casino operators and their players compared to other systems currently being promoted by technology providers, the company has issued a new position paper

“The core belief that drives our commitment to technology innovation is that the gaming industry’s lack of modernization is costing it billions of dollars in lost revenues and we encourage all industry constituents to review our position paper that highlights the key benefits of our approach to cashless gaming,” he concluded.