“Alfastreet is very positive about ICE London, and we expect a huge turn-out of our customers and partners”

ICE London 2023 is just around the corner. The showcase, which will kickstart the year for many of the major players in the gaming sector, will see companies from all over the world exhibit their latest products and solutions at ExCeL London, providing a glimpse into the future of the industry. Alfastreet is no stranger to this yearly event. 

In conversation with Yogonet, CEO Tjasa Luin Peric spoke about this upcoming edition, and explained that the pre-ICE month is always the busiest one for the business. “This year we will have to make some additional efforts,” she pointed out, as some of the products are currently being built. However, most of the new developments were finalized in the past months. 

Peric further tells Yogonet that Alfastreet will be showing a new key single terminal named Verso. “This product will be unique in its class, offering absolutely competitive solutions to satisfy even the most demanding operators,” the CEO noted.

The development process began with Verso’s design, combined with different materials and solutions to guarantee long-time successful operation, according to the executive. Alfastreet also updated its R5 product and will showcase it along with new wall displays, signages and software solutions.

Alfastret's stand at ICE 2022.

New cabinets, new software solutions, new graphics and new video content are in the second phase of development, preparing to be unveiled at the ICE gaming exhibition. Alfastreet is very positive about the upcoming event, and we expect a huge turn-out of our customers and partners,” Peric commented. 

The company is also preparing a special, extended lounge area in its stand, adding to the environment that they usually provide. “After almost three years of reduced travels and face-to-face meetings, the Alfastreet sales staff can’t wait to meet everybody in the upcoming gaming shows,” she added. 

When it comes to the current demands from the industry and its clients, Peric explained that the company has diversified according to each market. “Alfastreet needs to adapt its solutions to a vast range of requirements to keep its competitiveness and offer unique solutions to its customers,” the CEO noted. 

“Due to the increasingly stringent regulations worldwide it is not always possible to satisfy every wish from the customers, but they still manage to come very, very close,” the executive assured. “The highly capable and knowledgeable staff in dedicated departments has the wealth of 30-year experience and the drive to implement future solutions and technologies into products that keep setting the standard in the industry.”

However, Peric deems these times as difficult: “Managing is challenging since we are coping with huge delays in the material supply.” The company expects this situation to improve in the coming months to allow it to complete all the orders and deliveries to its customers. 

“For this ICE show, we expect our customers from different parts of the world, surprisingly this year we will also have more operators from LATAM and Asian markets,” she stated. 

Peric added that the company’s ambitions for 2023 are higher compared to last year’s as it is expecting at least a 30% improvement in sales results. “2023 will be very intensive and challenging because of all the ongoing development and novelties planned for January 2024,” the Chief Executive tells Yogonet.

Alfastreet has achieved a strong position in the global gaming market as it always prioritizes new developments, a practice that will remain unchanged, according to the company’s CEO. Therefore, Peric assures there is a “massive investment” of resources and time into new projects, some of which will be already prepared “for the beginning of next season.”

The company is planning several private presentations and exhibitions in the coming months, but the final marketing plan will be confirmed by the end of January. The company will also be exhibiting at major regional gaming shows, and it will attend this year’s Singapore showcase in May.