Pragmatic Play Latam at ICE London: a trip into iGaming trends

Pragmatic Play, content provider for the iGaming industry, announced this week that it will attend ICE London 2023. The event will take place from February 7 to 9 at the ExCeL London (United Kingdom), where the company will seek to expose the impact of its products in Latin America.

In a statement, PragmaticPlay pointed out that as “an undisputed reference in Latin America” and “the infallible brand in the operators of the region that provide the highest quality entertainment”, “several members of the Latin America Hub will accompany their vice president and will join more than a hundred representatives of the company from all over the world”.

When asked what ICE London represents for Pragmatic Play Latam, Marco Pequeno, Country Director Brazil, recognizes that “ICE is the big stage for iGaming, where we hope to be throughout the year. It is the best thermometer to understand what is happening in the sector, so it is vital to demonstrate how much we take serious about our mission to be a leading global provider.”

But ICE is not just about trends and updates, it is also a very valuable experience on a personal and professional level. In the words of Javier Samel, Country Director Argentina, “participating in ICE for another year, representing Pragmatic Play, is an honor and a privilege, as well as a gateway to potential new business in this dynamic and expanding industry.”

Undoubtedly, being a leading provider in Latin America requires active participation in the sector’s largest world exhibition. And if there is one thing that Enrique Romero, Country Director Mexico is convinced of, it is that: “there are localized events that allow us to understand the national market, but when you attend ICE, you can identify where the industry is going. We have to be at the forefront, because we are part of those who are writing the future.” 

Opportunities and challenges    

Participating in ICE is a unique opportunity. It means being part of an environment where diverse cultures and visions come together and that is precisely why it has become an unmissable event, as confirmed by Marcos Ford, Head of Account Management Latam at Pragmatic Play: “Participating in ICE is crucial for growth and success. There you can make valuable connections with other industry professionals and explore new initiatives with our partners.”

One of the challenges is in Marketing, conveying seriousness, confidence and an excellent image. As Andriéle Dias, Marketing Manager Latam said, “coming to ICE is a dream come true, one of the aspirations of all of us who are part of the sector, since our first day in this industry. But, once we achieve this goal, it also represents a huge challenge, in which we work with great responsibility.”

A mandatory destination 

Participating in ICE is a very enriching experience, which is why the date of the event is a must on the agenda of all professionals in the sector. Its importance and its great power of influence in the industry make this exhibition the most awaited.

One industry expert in Latin America who understands this perfectly is Víctor Arias, VP of Latam Operations at Pragmatic Play. “The relevance and sophistication of ICE is second to none. I couldn’t express how much this event means to me. Coming back year after year is one of the best experiences. Experiencing it with the magnitude of Pragmatic Play, and with part of my Latin American team, makes me very proud.”