GiG at ICE: “Our objective is to speak to operators about how we can help them drive revenue growth”

With only a few days left before the launch of a new ICE London edition, gaming companies and operators around the world finalize details ahead of their slated showcases at the renowned expo. Set to take place on February 7-9 at ExCel London, the event is expected to hold its biggest edition yet, occupying a record 51,466 sqm of net space and 41 halls.

Among the companies attending the can’t-miss industry gathering is Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). Ahead of the expo, Yogonet held an exclusive interview with Ricky Ruddock, Head of Sales, who shared with us the group’s plans for the event. 

What products will the business showcase at the event and what will it focus on?

We’ll be showing our award-winning iGaming Platform and proven sportsbook solution
‘Sportnco’ with a focus on what separates us from the competition. We have some strong USPs such as real-time, fully automated player segmentation, custom odds and pricing. Used correctly they can reduce acquisition costs, increasing player lifetime value and delivering a more competitive ROI.

Attendees visiting the booth will see that we have solutions for operators with traditional online roots, land-based operators looking to drive new revenue streams online and established Tier 1 operators seeking the benefits of new market access.

Given ICE London’s status as one of the major global events in the industry, what are your expectations for the expo? 

ICE is without doubt the show the industry is the most excited about. Now that the show is back to its usual slot in the calendar and covid is behind us we expect a higher footfall at the exhibition and more key decision-makers to be in town.

Our objective is to speak to operators about how we can help them drive revenue growth. From our experience, opportunities come from the most unexpected conversations at the networking events that take place.

How would you describe the current demands from the industry and your clients at the time? What markets will you focus on at the expo?

Everyone is looking for new revenue growth, often from regulated market entries, but they don’t always have the resource to do it themselves or with their current platform provider.

Our addressable market covers 36 licensed jurisdictions with more to be added during 2023. We see a lot of interest in Ontario where we already are live. The US is still generating a lot of interest and LATAM continues to mature at varying rates, so we expect these markets will be the most talked about. Having said that, we’re looking for new opportunities in all of our addressable markets.

A few days ago, GiG closed a deal to acquire a number of casino affiliate websites. What can you tell us about GiG’s plans for its Media business, and what does this acquisition provide to the company?

This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to expanding and strengthening our Media business. Our leadership team has identified numerous opportunities to optimize the performance of, and, leveraging our cutting-edge technical SEO and marketing technology to draw on the expertise of the acquired businesses.

It provides us with a solid foundation for driving growth and enhancing profitability for our Media business. We are eager to see the positive impact of this acquisition on our bottom line.

The event comes as we enter a new year for gambling. What is your assessment of the company’s performance in 2022, and what should we expect from it in 2023? What trends do you expect to gain momentum this year?

During 2022 we began to see the merits of our new B2B strategy. We had a strong end to the year and we’ve started 2023 right where we left off. We’ve already signed three new platform partners and we have a number of exciting opportunities in the pipeline.

Moreover, data will continue to dominate many of the topics of discussion in 2023. Those who can not only consume but can visualize and trigger against large samples of data, building personalized experiences against their brands, will be at a distinct advantage.