Trueplay: “Blockchain is still underestimated in the industry, and ICE is a perfect scenery for this long-awaited discussion”

Anticipating this year’s ICE London event, which will be held on February 7-9 at ExCel London, Yogonet spoke to Arthur Buyukyan, Head of B2B & Partnerships at iGaming software provider Trueplay, about what the company has prepared for what is one of the most significant gaming industry events.

What will the company focus on at the event? What will attendees approaching Trueplay’s booth find?

We have entered 2023 with plenty of new features for our Tokenized Loyalty Programs, which provide even more accessibility for iGaming businesses to operate in the Web 3 format and integrate innovations into the existing business model.

ICE attendees can get to know our up-and-running loyalty that has already proven its tremendous effect on key business metrics such as retention – resulting in five times higher within six months.

Trueplay really builds users’ trust, opening the way to the future of the industry. That is what our updated stand design is about, saying ‘Retention comes true’. We’re open for meetings at stand S9-360 to discuss everything in more detail.

Given ICE London’s status as one of the major global events in the industry, what are your expectations and objectives for the expo?

Our goal is no less than to turn over the industry. For more than a decade, we’re dealing with the industry’s status quo, resisting changes because of the lack of awareness.

Blockchain is still underestimated in the industry, but the point is that the technology brings even more safety between agencies. We aim to show its countless opportunities and become icebreakers on the global level. And ICE is a perfect scenery for this long-awaited discussion.

How would you describe the current demands from the industry and your clients at the time, and how does Trueplay’s iGaming software proposition address them?

What we can witness is the rising demand for loyalty. Currently, a range of customer acquisition solutions for casinos is offered on the market. But making your customers come back time after time is not easy, and crucial for brands to outstand from thousands of entertaining platforms.

Casino owners and operators gradually understand that loyalty is key, and it’s a positive signal. We have put at our product’s core this market demand for loyalty, together with adapting the latest innovations as blockchain.

What will iGaming look like once the mass adoption of Web 3 takes place within the industry?

Let’s keep in mind that now we are living in the future. People are already visiting casinos in the Metaverse! We expect that tokenization and cryptocurrency will soon be mass-adopted in the same way as fiat transactions, it is just a matter of time.

So why can’t casinos work on Web 3 and get all the benefits of it? We approach our clients with a ready-made solution making new virtual communication accessible for any brand willing to go for it.

Trueplay loyalty is easy to customize, and we help casinos issue their own crypto cutting the development cost, which is vast in case casinos take it on their shoulders.

The event comes amid a new year for gambling. What is your assessment of the company’s performance in 2022, and what should we expect from it in 2023? What trends will gain momentum this new year?

Our product’s pace is accelerating, bringing more and more features to retain users and improve the mechanics. Among them are referral programs and notification services, awaring users of their token balance change. Also, the social network module allows casinos to promote their social media on the Trueplay page.

As for trends, Web 3 is only heading to its peak, so the following year we’ll focus on adding blockchain-based features, attracting both crypto adepts and those who just get their feet wet.

In 2023 we’ll introduce NFT avatars and tournaments mode for players, MetaMask and other wallets log-in. So expect the iGaming industry to completely change in the next years.