Zitro unveiled its latest innovations for the European market at ICE London 2023

At this year’s ICE London show (February 7 – 9, ExCel London), gaming provider Zitro unveiled its “latest and greatest” innovations for the European market. The event served as a stage to highlight the diverse range of game titles featured on the four cabinets of the GLARE product lineup, says the company.

“From the company’s reliable service and technology to its compelling suite of slot games, and through its iGaming content, Zitro demonstrated why Winning is not about luck!” the supplier stated in a press release.

Sebastian Salat, International President of Zitro, said: “Our team was excited to showcase our new products designed to increase revenue for casino operators. As a company with a strong international presence in the European market, ICE London 2023 provided the perfect opportunity to present our latest offerings to a global audience.”

Sebastian Salat, International President of Zitro.

In a press release, the company said it “demonstrated its commitment to product development and innovation by launching a diverse range of products to enhance player engagement across casino floors.”

Visitors to the Zitro’s booth were able to see the new slot titles presented on the GLARE form factors: Altius Glare, Illusion Glare, Allure Glare, and Fusion Glare; four separate cabinets with exclusive features that “guarantee an immersive gaming experience for players.”

Among the new game titles on display was Mighty Hammer, a 4-level multi-game featured on Allure Glare, with 4 different game themes and 3 unique Bonus links. “Boost your bet, activate the Bonus Link “Thunder,” and discover the power of the Hammer for more frequent and larger prizes,” the company described the product.

Also on display was Mega King, available for both the Allure and Fusion Glare cabinets. With this slot title, the more you bet, the bigger the jackpot you get, notes Zitro. Mega King also includes the “ENERGY BOOST” feature, which allows players to get a much higher hit frequency to the Bonus Jackpot.

Zitro also released Fantasy Wealth from the Seven Chests series, a 4-level multi-game progressive with 4 fantasy-inspired characters and a brand-new Seven Chests feature.

“Players are transported on an exciting journey, chasing the golden chests to trigger the Giant Jackpot Wheel, which guarantees players a sure prize,” the supplier describes the title. “This latest release from Zitro immerses players in an incredible adventure and offers an unparalleled gaming experience.”

Also featured at ICE London 2023 was Fú Shòu Qí Tian, a 4-level multi-game based on oriental mythology, designed exclusively for the Altius Glare cabinet.

Colossus Fire also debuted on the Illusion Glare cabinet. This 4-level progressive multi-game includes 4 game titles and up to 3 unique bonus links where it is easier than ever to win the MEGA jackpot while increasing prizes on each spin.

The company’s titles Link King and Link Me were also displayed. Zitro showcased the new Boost Series featuring a new “Boost” functionality for a much higher hit frequency to the bonus jackpot. These game titles were showcased on the Fusion Glare cabinet.

And finally, the company showcased its latest offerings for the online market through its Zitro Digital division. With an extensive game library of video slots and video bingo, Zitro Digital offers in the category of “multiway” progressive the 88 Link Series with “Kokeshi Dolls” and the newly launched Bashiba Link Series featuring “Emperor.”

Additionally, Zitro Digital offers “multiline” progressives such as the Link King and Link Me Series, featuring games like “Lady Dragon,” “Kuan Kung Gold,” “Buccaneers Booty,” “Totem of Spirits,” “Sweet Tropical Fruits,” and “The Funny Lucky Children,” among others. Zitro Digital also offers standalone games and a vast collection of video bingo games.

We are proud to have showcased the breadth and diversity of our gaming products at ICE London 2023, highlighting our ability to provide a wide range of cabinets for land-based and online casinos. The show was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with European customers and show them all the greatest games we have developed for the market,” Salat concluded.