Spintec renews exclusive cooperation agreement with Asia Pioneer Entertainment for Southeast Asia

Developer and supplier of electronic table games Spintec announced the renewal of its exclusive cooperation agreement with Asia Pioneer Entertainment Limited (APE) for Southeast Asia. The 3-year deal provides both partners with “a valuable gambit to tackle the demands of the fast-growing market in the post-pandemic era.”

Goran Miskulin, Spintec’s CEO, commented: “Asia Pacific is one of the most important regions for us, and we are thrilled to be cooperating with a partner that recognizes our advantages and is able to translate them into a strong market presence.”

As the market is opening and growing, both partners will be taking advantage of” their strong market positions and superior products to enhance their regional presence even further.” The cooperation, which started more than 10 years ago, has “proven beneficial for both parties and has yielded important business success in the region.”

Herman Ng Man Ho, CEO at Asia Pioneer Entertainment Limited, added: “As the largest electronic table game distributor in Asia, it is our company policy to work with the best producers in every segment, and Spintec is a part of the ETG elite.”

Mitja Dornik, Regional Sales Manager at Spintec, noted: “Our performance in Southeast Asia is growing day by day, and we are thrilled to see that APE is helping us extremely on this path.”

APE, deemed by the company as the “largest electronic table game distributor in Asia,” has now become the exclusive distributor for Spintec products besides Macau; also in Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia, as well as Vietnam and Cambodia.

Maria Garcia, Sales Director at APE for Macau & Southeast Asia, said: “It is truly an honor to be working with a producer of electronic table games of such high quality and a partner that is fully committed to growing in this important region.”

Lastly, Goran Sovilj, Spintec’s Global Sales Director, stated: “These markets are very lucrative, but only if the commitment to quality and service diligence is paramount. We realize that we need a strong and reliable partner to deliver in this region, and with APE, we have found just that.”