Interblock sets integrity standards in its ETG offering to reduce betting fraud

Electronic Table Gaming (ETG) business Interblock announced it has set new integrity standards, in line with its dedication to the development of security advancements and prevention of collusion. The company’s ETGs are programmed to reduce the opportunity for betting fraud. 

Interblock said it is showing its commitment to security through its latest software upgrade, “packed with advanced technology and mechanical improvements designed to combat any form of unfair play.”

Interblock’s Automated Roulette software now algorithmically detects physical anomalies in the movement of the ball. If the slightest abnormality is identified, the game automatically halts and immediately notifies the staff, says the firm.

The company is already in the process of obtaining global approval for the installation of an improved algorithm that tracks the ball’s physical revolution anomalies. Interblock announced in a statement.

As technology and collusion techniques evolve, the company remains vigilant by researching, improving, and implementing effective methods to prevent any such attempts, “confirming that the word “integrity” is synergistic with Interblock.”

Cognizant of the unfortunate rise in fraud attempts within the gaming industry, the company “recognizes the importance of product integrity and complies with the strictest security standards,” it stated in a press release. 

The independent testing of certified labs and secondary approval processes from multiple global jurisdictions verify that Interblock’s internal Quality Assurance/Quality Control processes are dependable. “Securing licenses in over 230 regulated markets around the world and having maintained business for decades, Interblock proves that there is no substitute for experience,” the company concluded