FBM Foundation donates to UNICEF and AKUT to help the Syrian-Turkish earthquake victims

Major earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6 have left nothing but destruction to thousands of communities throughout the countries. Now, in response to the catastrophe, the FBM Foundation is helping the Syrian-Turkish earthquake victims with donations to UNICEF and AKUT.

Last week, the charity arm of FBM Gaming donated $16,000 to UNICEF and AKUT, charity organizations specialized in humanitarian relief operations, to help those in need.

In the early hours of February 6th,  the countries suffered the impact of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by another nearly as damaging. While tens of thousands of people lost their lives, many others were injured or displaced from their homes, making it one of the biggest natural disasters the nations have faced yet.

Two weeks in after the natural disaster struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, charity organizations have their hands full with emergency responses. The FBM Foundation could not be indifferent to this complex situation and promptly responded with meaningful donations,” the company explained.

According to the UN, the incident occurred as the humanitarian crisis in Syria was at its highest level since the military conflict began, worsening the living conditions of these populations that were solely relying on humanitarian help in an already jeopardized region.

In order to properly answer this crisis with effective and efficient relief operations, monetary help is a key factor for achieving quick results and saving the highest number of lives possible. “FBM Foundation waited no longer to boost these initiatives with its financial support to be immediately applied on the field,” the company stated.

Apart from the high number of lives taken, the impact of the earthquakes in these regions also resulted in thousands of houses destroyed, leaving numerous families in contexts of homelessness.

In order to help mitigate the struggles of those directly affected by the incident, FBM Foundation offered $11.000 to UNICEF, in which each 55-dollar contribution equaled one emergency kit to aid the vulnerable groups. 

This social gesture was reinforced with the attribution of $5.000 to AKUT that were later used to distribute food, clean water, blankets, medical supplies and other essential healthcare products and services. 

Vítor Francisco, Director of FBM Foundation, explained how economic support can be vital in emergency contexts: “When it comes to providing support to circumstances beyond one’s control such as the one that occurred in Turkey and Syria, making quick decisions that can be rapidly implemented is crucial to the success of relief operations, and financial support is one great example of how we can make a big impact in someone’s life in a short time”.

This solidarity action was conducted with the goal of helping with the recovery of those who suffered the consequences of this unexpected event, as well as with the reconstruction and rebuilding of the affected areas, FBM Foundation noted.