Interblock to showcase its latest table games products at this year’s IGA show

Interblock announced it will present its table games products in Booth #1127 at the 2023 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention (IGA), March 29-30, California. Recognized as the largest gathering of tribal leaders and casino executives in the country, IGA provides gaming companies and professionals a stage to showcase their latest products at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.  

John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock, said: “The Indian Gaming Tradeshow provides our team the opportunity to meet with some of the most impactful operators in North America and collect feedback in real-time, which is vital for our continued success. At IGA, we will introduce upgrades to virtually all our existing products and display dozens of new products, features, and functionalities.”

Interblock’s Craps games, Pick2 Win Craps and Live Craps, will be featured among Interblock’s product suite at IGA. With three distinct colored cylinders to choose from, a Pick2Win Craps player chooses which two, out of three, dice will ultimately determine the result of each roll.

John Connelly.

Available as a traditional “Community” game of Craps, with one designated shooter, or “Individually” in which each player selects their own dice, Pick2Win can be played in a Standalone game or in a Stadium configuration. 

Interblock’s Live Craps requires only a single dealer to an unlimited number of players “in an electrifying and engaging Stadium environment.” The dealer invites one player to step up to the traditional craps table to shoot the dice while the other players cheer and root for big wins. Fully automated payouts and dice-tracking technology greatly enhance the security of the game.

Cathryn Winnik, Interblock’s Trade Show Manager, added: “We will be showcasing an impressive product mix that highlights Interblock’s innovation and how our technology can make our partners more efficient and profitable. Customers will have an opportunity to meet with our team and learn how Interblock is the ‘Future of Electronic Table Games’ and the positive impact our new developments will have on their business.”

“The products we will be displaying include existing games with new features and betting options, along with our latest offerings.  I believe attendees will be impressed by our Diamond Dual Bonus Wheel Roulette – it is a true display of our innovation as there is nothing else like it in the market,” she added.

Interblock’s new standalone product Bonus Wheel Roulette will be on full display at IGA 2023. The dual wheel bonus system incorporates the thrill of playing traditional Roulette with the opportunity for players to win payouts up to 250 to 1, notes the provider.

When players wager on any of the four bonus gems and the ball lands in the selected bonus gem pocket on the main wheel, a secondary bonus wheel spins to determine the amount of the bonus payout rewarded to players with multipliers up to 250 times. 

With the bonus round occurring approximately one in every ten spins and payouts more than seven times higher than that of a traditional Roulette wheel, “industry experts agree that Interblock developers successfully produced an elevated game for Roulette players to enjoy and operators to drive revenue.”

Peter Herem, Vice President of Interblock’s US Sales Team, commented: “IGA 2023 provides Interblock the opportunity to meet with and demonstrate our commitment to our Native Indian Gaming partners.”

Native Indian Gaming is critical to Interblock’s success, and we look forward to bringing our latest developments and innovations to IGA 2023 including our latest Live ETG pit technology. Interblock’s innovation continues provide the opportunity for our Native Indiana Gaming partners to run more efficiently and optimize their profitability across their entire gaming floor,” he added.

Interblock said in a press release it hopes its presentation of new technologies at IGA 2023 will influence the North American gaming industry, “promoting an expansion of knowledge and comfortability with advancements.” 

The company also said it plans to further expand into the online gaming sector, and intends to “build upon its strong player recognition, innovation, and experience to create a unique niche for operators in this space.”