UK charity Betknowmore joins Gamble Aware’s new National Gambling Support Network

Safe gaming charity Betknowmore UK is joining the new National Gambling Support Network (NGSN). All three of its services, Peer Aid, New Beginnings and GOALS, have been commissioned by Gamble Aware to roll out nationally and to widen the charity’s support for people living with gambling harm over the next three years. 

The network, commissioned by GambleAware, is made up of a diverse group of treatment providers across the third sector and has a specific focus on early intervention and adopts a regional-first approach.

GambleAware will double funding over the next year for the newly named network to support those experiencing harm from gambling in Great Britain. Part of the new service includes improved referral routes, allowing local providers to triage individuals into the treatment service that is right and appropriate for them.

GambleAware, Great Britain’s leading commissioner for the reduction of gambling harm, has developed a comprehensive partnership of treatment and support providers during a process that has built on extensive engagement. 

The network was commissioned to meet the growing and changing needs of those at risk of gambling harm in Great Britain. A focus on early intervention will help prevent the escalation of harms and support required which, in turn, will help relieve pressure on the NHS.

The transformation of early intervention, support and treatment services will lead to several long-term benefits for the gambling harms sector, with the promotion of a holistic, joined-up service and by creating the conditions and incentives across the sector for providers to innovate and deliver cost-effective, high-quality outcomes for service users, noted Betknowmore.

During any form of brief intervention for gambling harm, or any initial call to the National Gambling Helpline, staff will direct those in need of support to their local treatment provider. At this stage, local providers will conduct an assessment and refer individuals to the best treatment or support option for their needs.

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware’s Chief Commissioning Officer, said: “As the country’s leading commissioner in this sector, we’re delighted to announce the new National Gambling Support Network and our increase in investment for those experiencing gambling harm.”

Hargrave described the NGSN as built on strong foundations and brings together a network “of excellent regional providers, who are strong agents of change working to meet people’s needs.” By taking a regional first approach the network hopes to create new opportunities to work with other local services and government agencies.

By broadening our reach at a local level and engaging with local authorities or the criminal justice sector, for example, means we can further help those experiencing harm from gambling,” she concluded. 

Frankie Graham, Founder & CEO of Betknowmore UK, added: “The new NGSN launch is an important milestone for supporting and treating people harmed by gambling in the UK. Betknowmore UK is immensely proud to contribute to a national provision of work.”

“The three key services that we will provide are a demonstration that the voice of lived experience, embedded into peer and community support, has an essential part to play in gambling harms prevention and recovery,” he explained. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have been part of our journey. You have been amazing! We look forward with excitement at the prospect of continuing to learn and develop by working with brilliant charities and agencies across the UK.”