CreedRoomz launches first-ever multiplayer blackjack, Cash Out Blackjack

Online casino business solutions provider CreedRoomz has officially introduced its first-ever Multiplayer Blackjack, Cash Out Blackjack, enhanced with an unlimited number of players, an instant cashout system and a 6 Side Bets feature.

The new live game by CreedRoomz is “an innovative answer to market requests where multiplayer live casino games are gaining rapid popularity,” the company said.

In its essence, Cash Out Blackjack is a classic two hands Blackjack divided between the Player and the Dealer. However, the game is optimized to accept an unlimited number of players and allows cash out for every hand to get money back at any chosen time.

The company also offers 6 types of side bets: Perfect Pair, 21+3, Hot 3, Honey 3+, BUST IT and Pair Bonus. With its interactive and player-centric design, Cash Out Blackjack “brings change to the live casino market and user expectations,” the company concluded.

The product came out only weeks after the company released Two Hand Roba Baccarat, thus expanding the range of its portfolio of iGaming solutions. 

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in the world, and with this new edition involving two robot croupiers, CreedRoomz ‘elevates the player experience to the next level, making the game a true representation of innovative solutions,’ the company said. 

Two Hand Roba Baccarat allows increasing the number of rounds, thereby speeding up the game and the probability of winning. ‘With its unique concept, Two Hand Roba Baccarat is set to provide a new level of entertainment and excitement,’ CreedRoomz stated.