Spain: Interblock concludes its long-term partnership with Merkur Dosniha

Electronic Table Games company, Interblock announced it has opted to conclude its distribution agreement with Merkur Dosniha in Spain, after a long and fruitful partnership.

The decision comes as part of Interblock’s plan to directly commercialize its products in the Spanish market through its own Spanish entity, while also remaining open to potential collaborations with sub-distributors.

Interblock’s dedication to the Spanish market “remains unwavering, and the company guarantees uninterrupted service for its valued customers,” the brand wrote.

As part of this commitment, Interblock will continue to support Merkur Dosniha in their ongoing efforts to assist their clients, thus ensuring Interblock’s steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

The company also announced plans to certify new products in the upcoming months. These forthcoming offerings will further solidify Interblock’s position in the global market, expanding its reach and influence in the Spanish market and beyond.

Customers seeking assistance or information are encouraged to reach out using their usual channels. “Interblock’s team is prepared to address any inquiries and provide the exceptional support clients have come to expect from the industry-leading company,” the company wrote.

“As Interblock embarks on this new chapter in the Spanish market, the company looks forward to continued success and innovation, cementing its status as a dominant force in the world of Electronic Table Games,”  the brand concluded.