Casino gaming data experts Andrew Cardno, Ralph Thomas and A.K. Singh launch 4th edition of The Math that Gaming Made

Casino gaming data experts Andrew Cardno and Ralph Thomas of Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) and A.K. Singh have released the 4th edition of their legendary book, The Math that Gaming Made.

Released Monday and available on Amazon, the highly influential book is updated with a further expanded glossary as well as new articles about data and its potential for the gaming industry. Richly informative, The Math that Gaming Made is the go-to resource for the gaming industry about data and math and how to use them correctly to make money.

Buddy Frank, longtime casino industry leader and EKG Awards Hall of Fame member, said: “Data, math, and how they converge are essential to the success of casinos of all sizes. The Math that Gaming Made Illustrates their importance with examples and ideas that are easy to understand and how you can use them to help you increase profitability, improve marketing, select slots, and run a better casino.”

New articles in the 4th edition include:

  • “The Art of Host Goals Math Models”
  • “Build Vs. Buy Systems”
  • “The Culture of Innovation”
  • “Data Empowerment: Strikes Towards Data Empowerment with the Data Lake”
  • “Data Plumbing: What It Means, and Why You Need It”
  • “Your Need for Innovation”

The book also contains updates to the most comprehensive gaming glossary available anywhere, as well as a section on cybersecurity and the challenges it poses to casinos.

Ralph Thomas and Andrew Cardno

Andrew Cardno is an experienced thought leader in visual analytics with over 25 years of experience. He has won two Smithsonian Laureates and over 50 innovation awards, published over 100 industry and academic articles, and co-authored four books on applied analytics.

Ralph Thomas is a product visionary in applied analytics and has substantial experience implementing analytics into single and multi-property gaming companies. He is the founder of two companies that deliver solutions in casino gaming, education, and adult learning. He is the co-author of four books and over 80 articles on applied analytics and data science in gaming and an inventor on dozens of patents.

A.K. Singh is an applied statistics expert who has taught undergraduate and graduate statistics, mathematics, and operations research courses at various universities. He currently teaches the Mathematics of Casino Games and advanced statistics classes at UNLV and is the chair of the Resorts, Gaming & Golf Management Department. His research interests include statistical and machine learning applications in hospitality & gaming, medical research, public health, and civil & environmental engineering.