Soft2Bet appoints former PokerStars exec. Damian Finan as its new Director

Soft2Bet announced it has strengthened its VIP and Sales teams with the appointment of Damian Finan as their new Director. 

Finan has an over 15-year experience in the gaming sector, “leading VIP and high-value customer experiences, as well as having a diverse professional background and knowledge across the iGaming industry,” the company described. 

His experience in the sector includes roles in VIP Management, with PokerStars and heading up the VIP department with Genesis Global. Damian Finan’s primary objective is to build upon the growth of Soft2Bet that we have in recent years, and to bring a VIP and Sales strategy that will elevate the company to industry leader status. 

“Without a doubt, this move now will enable Mr. Finan to use his considerable expertise to drivethe company forward and further its goals in the industry,” Soft2Bet stated. 

Damian Finan, new Director of VIP and Sales teams at Soft2Bet, remarked: “I’m pleased to be given this opportunity to step into a leading role in a company as dynamic and forward-thinking as Soft2Bet. It’s an exciting time for the company and I am equally excited to help push it to the next level.”

Oksana Tsyhankova, COO of Soft2Bet commented: “Soft2Bet will definitely benefit from Damian’s unrivaled experience as we continue to push towards our goal of becoming one of the leading figures in the iGaming industry.”

David Yatom.

The news comes a month after the company hired David Yatom to lead the company’s legal, regulatory, and compliance teams in his new position as General Counsel.

As soft2Bet’s General Counsel, Yatom will spearhead Soft2Bet’s legal and compliance initiatives and continue to promote the company’s strategy of expanding and focusing on existing and emerging regulatory markets, as well as playing a vital role in outlining Soft2Bet’s corporate and commercial strategy.

Uri Poliavich, CEO of Soft2Bet, said: We deeply value David Yatom’s substantial experience and believe he will provide exceptional guidance and insights that will enhance our existing legal advisory services. He understands the core values of Soft2Bet and will lead our presence in the industry.’