Zitro brings its MEGA y MÁS system to the gaming halls of Automáticos Canarios

Zitro announced that its gaming system MEGA y MÁS, “which offers a winning opportunity to all players,” has now made its way to the gaming halls of Automáticos Canarios. 

The company notes that with MEGA y MÁS, if a player hits the MEGA jackpot, the prize is distributed among all other players who are playing at that time, without the need for an additional bet.

Connected to the MEGA y MÁS system, Automáticos Canarios has added the Seven Chests multi-game, on the premium Altius Glare cabinet, and Mighty Hammer, on Allure Glare.

Juan Casimiro, General Director of Automáticos Canarios, has expressed his enthusiasm for the incorporation of Zitro’s MEGA y MÁS system, “which allows for the connection of different games and cabinets to the new MEGA y MÁS prize and offers an exceptional experience in all of our gaming halls.”

Pedro Freites, Zitro’s Regional Sales Manager, has expressed his gratitude to Automáticos Canarios “for strengthening their business alliance” by including the MEGA y MÁS system and the new games. “This announcement reaffirms Zitro’s commitment to innovation and improving the gaming experience for all players,” he stated.

The news comes as Zitro keeps targeting expansion on a global scale. The firm celebrated its annual Zitro Experience event last month at the exclusive Rüt Haus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Deemed by the company as a “benchmark event” in the Latin American gaming industry, the show provided guests with a first-hand look at Zitro’s new product lineup, networking, and more.