BetConstruct introduces online game Aligator Validator, built entirely on blockchain technology

Gaming technology and services provider BetConstruct has launched a new game called Alligator Validator, billed as the first-ever game entirely based on BlockChain technology.

The company calls it a “one-of-a-kind” game where all transactions are made using blockchain technology and says it will be among the biggest innovations in the current iGaming market. BetConstruct further described the title, on the Bahamut blockchain, as an “explosive combination of fresh and vivid graphics, cutting-edge game mechanics, and brand-new payment systems built on blockchain technology.”
Blockchain technology is aimed at adding extra security and transparency to the game – not requiring any centralized third parties to control the flow of funds and being processed independently by smart contracts.
The company notes that the game will also be beneficial to Bahamut validators, as it will allow them to improve validators’ positions and earn block rewards for helping to secure the network. 

As per BetConstruct, validators play an important role in securing the network by showing activity and validating blocks using the PoSA consensus mechanism. The company notes that the validator-partners who enable the game on their platforms will add a unique and thrilling game to their catalog along with the likelihood to maximize their ROI.
BetConstruct believes the innovation will “shape the future of the iGaming market and make crypto games more accessible to a larger audience.” The company noted that Alligator Validator has a fresh and distinctive premise, which will breathe new life into the player experience and help partners earn rewards for helping secure the network.