Acres Manufacturing to participate at the B Riley Securities 23rd Annual Institutional Investor Conference

Casino loyalty and cashless gaming technology provider Acres Manufacturing Company announced Thursday that John Acres, Founder; and Noah Acres are scheduled to participate in a fireside chat at the B Riley Securities 23rd Annual Institutional Investor Conference on Wednesday, May 24.

Both members of the company’s management will also host one-on-one meetings with institutional investors that day, Acres Manufacturing confirmed. Investors with questions about Acres or those with interest in conducting a conference call or meeting with management can contact the company’s investor relations firm JCIR at (212) 835-8500 or via email.

“Acres invites casino operators investors and operators interested in the significant benefits of its innovative Cashless Casino technology solution to view the company’s recently released position paper, available here,” the company added.

Acres is a leading casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of the Foundation casino management system. Foundation provides casinos with real-time data from slot machines and a direct interface to the credit meter on any slot machine.

The current year has been a busy one for Acres thus far, expanding its cashless capabilities to more US jurisdictions and developing new solutions. Back in March, the company announced the launch of TIBO (Ticket-In Bonus-Out), a new ticket-based bonusing solution enabled by Acres’ proprietary Foundation technology.

TIBO, or “ticket-in, bonus-out,” is the next evolution of the existing TITO, which is the “ticket-in, ticket-out” system that’s been around for 20, or 25 years now. TIBO can do all of the functionality of TITO, which is to print cash-out tickets, which can be redeemed at another slot machine or a kiosk, or a cashier terminal. But it can also create new bonus tickets for whatever reasons, driven by underlying, real-time player data,” Noah Acres told Yogonet in an exclusive video interview, which you can revisit here.