END 2 END partners with Sprint Gaming to launch its new online bingo product WINGO

Bingo multiplayer solutions provider END 2 END announced a partnership with Sprint Gaming, an online casino platform provider, for the joint launch of its new product, WINGO.

The company said that END 2 END “is responsible for providing its already famous interactive bingo system,” which has “the technological functionality of certified RNG” and “ensures a very dynamic game performance.”

Moreover, the firm pointed out that Sprint Gaming “is the company behind the first online casino in Spanish” and that, now, it will add WINGO as its new product, “adding a very elaborate streaming transmission with presenters that liven up the game from beginning to end.”

Officials also indicated that WINGO “is born with an initial accumulated prize of $10,000 for the first person to match the full card before the ball with the number 38 is drawn”. This jackpot “promises to be a sensation,” the companies emphasized.

“Sprint Gaming will offer WINGO to the main international operators in our region as part of its games catalog. We expect WINGO to be a great success for its users”, END 2 END concluded.