Malta Gaming Authority and Gaming Commission of Ghana strengthen collaboration in gaming regulation

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) recently hosted a delegation from the Gaming Commission of Ghana, as part of an effort to foster collaboration and exchange best practices in gaming regulation and supervision.

The visit provided an opportunity for the Ghanaian delegation to gain insights into the MGA’s operational framework and regulatory processes.

During the visit, the MGA shared information about its licensing and compliance procedures, criminal probity assessments, anti-money laundering supervision processes, and risk-based approach to regulation.

The delegation from Ghana expressed their admiration for the MGA’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the gaming industry and acknowledged the importance of benchmarking their own processes against those of the Authority.

Deputy Commissioner Kobby Annan of the Gaming Commission of Ghana said: “This visit has demonstrated the importance of engaging more with stakeholders, and of adopting a more robust data collection process and a wider range of enforcement approaches and guidelines.”

Kinga Warda, Chief of Policy and International Affairs at the MGA, highlighted the Authority’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and knowledge sharing to enhance the integrity and sustainability of the gaming industry.

Warda stated: “Our collaboration with the Gaming Commission of Ghana signifies our commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices, regulatory excellence, and fostering a secure and transparent gaming environment.”

The visit concluded with a tour of land-based establishments, providing the Ghanaian delegation with further insights into the sector. This experience allowed them to witness firsthand the practical implementation of regulations and gain an understanding of the gaming landscape.

The Malta Gaming Authority is the regulatory body responsible for the governance and oversight of all gaming activities in Malta. Established in 2001, the MGA is renowned among regulators for its commitment to upholding high standards of integrity, player protection, and responsible gaming practices. 

The Gaming Commission of Ghana is the regulatory authority tasked with ensuring the integrity, fairness, and transparency of the gaming sector in Ghana.