FBM Foundation helps 350 families in Quezon City through donation of essential goods

FBM Foundation, in its latest action to empower and uplift Filipino communities under its Bayanihan para sa Kababayan program, made a significant donation of essential goods to 350 Pook Aguinaldo families in Quezon City. 

The donations took place on May 26 and also saw a special participation of Philippine regulator PAGCOR and Barangay UP Campus representatives, as well as the involvement of the actor Daniel Matsunaga, who is also an FBM brand ambassador.

The representatives that were part of the action included Eric Balcos, Assistant Vice President of PAGCOR, and Zenaida Lectura, Chairwoman of Barangay UP Campus. The event also saw the contribution of 15 dedicated volunteers, along with Matsunaga’s special participation.

The Bayanihan para sa Kababayan project kicked off in January 2023 and aims to spread its social impact and reinforce the FBM Foundation’s commitment to supporting Filipino communities and families in need with essential care.

The donations in Pook Aguinaldo, Quezon City,  included 350 sacks of 10-kilo rice, 350 bags of food aid (each of which comprised one milk carton, two dozen eggs, 12 packets of instant noodles, and 18 canned goods), and 350 vitamins for adults and children usage.

This is the second act of the Bayanihan para sa Kababayan program in May, after solidarity action in Cavite City responding to the effects of a fire alarm in a residential area of Barangay that positively impacted 2000 Filipinos.

FBM Foundation notes that it is intensifying its roadmap of actions and creating “a brighter future for all Filipinos with its beneficent spirit.” Started in 2023, the FBM Foundation program was a helping hand for several families in different regions of the Philippines and remains vigilant to emergencies and situations that demand a quick social response.

Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM Foundation, said:  “The Bayanihan para sa Kababayan project is a perfect example of FBM Foundation’s mission! The fulfilling power of this program uplifting the spirits of Filipino families with all the assistance and care provided is unmeasurable. It gives us more energy to continue this beautiful hike.”